“10-year romantic relationship” Kiwoom Song Sung-moon and Cho Hye-rim on the 17th… “Thank you for always being by my side since I was in high school.”

Kiwoom said on the 15th, “Song Sung-moon will sign a 100-year contract with bride Cho Hye-rim (26) at the Grand Hill Convention located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 3 p.m. on the 17th.” The couple, Song Sung-moon and Cho Hye-rim, met through the introduction of their junior and came to fruition after 10 years of dating since their student days.

For Song, the bride-to-be was both a haven and a source of vitality. “My girlfriend’s MBTI is F, but it’s T only for me,” he said at the 2023 Heroes Charity Event on the 3rd. When I have a hard time, I comfort her a lot, but when I talk weakly, I say a lot of realistic things. Since I have watched baseball games since I was young, I don’t hesitate to criticize it, such as ‘Why did you hit that ball?’ But when I talk like that, my stress gradually disappears.”

“We have lived together since this year, and I felt it was definitely good. As it is not easy to talk about baseball with my parents, I was under stress in my room alone. However, I was able to confide in my bride-to-be. When we were dating, we used to talk only on Mondays, but now that we come home and talk every day, it was good to get rid of our difficulties as soon as possible,” she added. 메이저 토토사이트

Song Seong-moon feels a lot of responsibility due to his marriage. He vowed not to skip private training sessions by bringing baseball equipment to his honeymoon. After their nine-day honeymoon in Hawaii, they will set up a new home in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Through his club, Song Sung-moon said, “I think I need to play better in baseball. I am always grateful to the bride-to-be who has been next to me since I was a high school student. I want to help each other and live a happy life as we get to be together.”

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