Even the senior and junior road managers were very close… a mud fight was foreshadowed

Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong were close. Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong joined the Nexen Heroes in 2014 and 2015.

Since joining the team, their moves have been mixed. While Kim Ha-sung has been on a roll since 2018 by winning the Korea Baseball Organization’s Golden Glove shortstop category for three consecutive years, Lim Hye-dong was released in 2016 after staying in the second division all the time. 온라인카지노사이트

Still, they maintained a strong relationship. Kim reportedly saved Lim Hye-dong enough to arrange his joining test in July 2020 or give him an allowance of 50,000 won at the very least and 1 million won at the most. Even after Kim moved to the U.S., their relationship was so friendly that Lim Hye-dong was designated as the road manager.

The two sides are expected to engage in a fierce court battle now. Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station banned Lim Hye-dong, who is suspected of blackmail and attempted blackmail. Lim Hye-dong has been sued by Kim Ha-sung on charges of blackmail and attempted blackmail on the 27th of last month and defamation on the 6th of this month.

Police plan to summon Lim Hye-dong for questioning soon. If necessary, they are also considering summoning Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong for cross-examination.

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