Why would Tottenham want to be the number one ‘this player’…”Romero – Pan the Pen, both alternative”

“Tottenham plans to strengthen its squad in the January transfer market,” Football London said on Tuesday (Korea Standard Time). “Coach Enze Postecoglou and Coach Johan Lang want to recruit new defenders first.” He also listed targets including Seru Girashi, Santiago Jimenez, Radu Dragucine, and Calvin Phillips. Todibo is also mentioned.

Todibo is famous as the second Raphael Varane as a French national center back. While playing for Toulouse, Todibo raised expectations when he joined Barcelona, but failed to find a place and moved on to loan. After Schalke and Benfica, he went on loan to Nice. He has settled down as a complete transfer to Nice and is playing as a key center back.

He is tough but has the best defense capability. He is tall and fast, and does not get pushed back even in a competition. He has excellent cover and good underfoot, so he has been selected as the French national team and is having the best period of his career. Tottenham is very interested. There are Christian Romero and Mickey van der Pen, but he cannot trust other center backs, so he is using fullbacks such as Van Davis and Emerson Royal as center backs. 토토사이트 추천

To ease anxiety, the club plans to recruit Todibo. The club is already very active. “Tottenham has started negotiations to recruit Todibo in January next year. It is not easy to make a deal with Nice, but talks have just begun. Todibo is also on the Manchester United list.” Todibo recently renewed its contract with Nice until 2027. It seems that the transfer fee will be huge.

Football statistics magazine Huskored Dotcom shed light on Todibo, which has emerged as Tottenham’s target. “Nice gave away the fewest goals in the French Ligue 1 this season. Todibo is the most impressive defense line-up. He is a key player and ranks third among center backs in terms of ratings. He is a center back that will fit Postecoglou’s soccer well. He is good at passing from the back. He averages 88.7 passes per game, the third most among centerbacks. In terms of forward passes, he is second only to Dante. His long ball is also accurate. He is also a center back with great cover capability. He can cover Romero in terms of position, and Van de Pen can replace him.”

“We don’t know if Tottenham will be able to recruit Todibo, but it is true that it is the best option. He is a center back who can take responsibility for both the present and the future that Postecoglou wants. When Todibo comes, Tottenham under Postecoglou will be even better. Todibo will be at the center of the defense,” he added.

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