Son Heung-min’s “beautiful” request to Hishalisson one day ahead of a brief farewell

Having transferred from Everton to Tottenham Hotspur in the last season, Hishalisson had high expectations. He also had a high transfer fee of 60 million pounds (98.7 billion won). However, Hishalisson failed to meet expectations.

Tottenham fans have become the most hated player. Hishalisson only scored one goal in 27 league matches last season. In total, he scored three goals in 35 matches. It was a performance that could not be avoided by Tottenham fans.

He changed this season. At the beginning of this season, he was shaken by a groin injury. When Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich, Hishalisson played as a one-top Tottenham player at the beginning of the season, but failed to play a significant role.

After leaving the team due to injury, he underwent surgery and returned. Since then, he has shown different performances. He completely shook off his injury, and scored four goals in the last three games. He played a decisive role in Tottenham’s three consecutive wins. He has scored five goals in 15 league matches this season, and has recorded six goals including the League Cup. 슬롯머신

“His revival. One of the happiest people is Son Heung-min. Son’s affection for him is special. It was Son who recommended him for surgery this season, and he accepted the offer. During his rehabilitation process, Son helped Hishalisson as much as he could. It was because it was similar to his slump. He sincerely took care of his wounds.

Son feels that he is really fortunate to see Hishalisson recover. I am glad to have overcome his slump. Especially when he sees Hishalisson recovering at a time when he is about to part ways with Tottenham, he couldn’t be more reassured. He was able to leave the team a little comfortably. Son is planning to play at the Asian Cup to be held in January next year as a member of the Korean national team.

Ahead of a brief farewell from the team, Son Heung-min asked Hishalisson a favor. As Tottenham’s captain, ace, and friend of Hishalisson, he asked for a favor. It was a “beautiful” request to protect the team while he was not confident, to help the team, and to score for the team.

The Mirror of England reported on the matter. It said, “Hishalisson has scored four goals in his last three matches. He has been sluggish for a long time, but he finally dressed up to match Tottenham. Under these circumstances, Son will play for the Korean national team next month. He may not be able to return for up to a month. Under these circumstances, he asked Hishalisson to do so, and made a request.”

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