CB, who was struggling to deal with Manchester United, got kicked out of the new team after half a season…termination of a mutual contract

Besiktas officially announced on its website on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) that “We have terminated our contract by mutual agreement with Bai. We wish Bai success.” Eventually, Bai became an independent player.

In the summer of 2016, the club spent 30 million pounds (about 47.2 billion won) on a Manchester United uniform. The club had high expectations as it was the first time Jose Mourinho joined the club. In his first season as a new coach, he displayed outstanding performances. In 25 Premier League matches, the club established a four-back line with Daly Blint and Marcos Rojo.

However, the injury hampered his performance. Due to major and minor injuries every season, he failed to display good condition and was gradually pushed back to the bench. In the end, he played only 70 PL matches in six seasons, which was quite limited in playing time.

They naturally lost ground in the competition for the starting lineup. With Bai unable to play due to injury, Manchester United have recruited key players such as Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, and Raphael Varane. With Lisandro Martinez joining the team ahead of the last season, Bai’s position was further reduced. Eventually, Bai started a new challenge by opting to sign for Marseille.

However, injuries continued in Marseille. In the game where he returned from injury, he was injured again and exited the stadium. Afterwards, he was banned for five games due to red card punishment. Eventually, his position diminished. He played 23 games as a loan player, but only 855 minutes were played. Eventually, he returned to Manchester United without making much money. 파워볼실시간

It was frustrating for Manchester United. There were frequent injuries to be used, and even if they were sent on loan, they did not earn much income. He has a contract until June 2024, so he is in a situation where he has to spend another season. Eventually, Manchester United terminated his contract and sent Bai away as a FA.

His new destination was Turkiye Besiktas. However, Besiktas did not show as much performance as he did. He played in all eight games. In addition, he failed to make the list for six games due to injury, and was reduced to Gyereuk. Eventually, Besiktas ended his contract with Bayer.

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