“Isn’t Holan a bubble at this point?” What if Son Heung-min played for Manchester City? 24 goals were possible! Shock report

In the first half of 2023, Son’s flow was not good. It was the 2022-2023 season after he became the top scorer with 23 goals in the 2021-2022 season, but his scoring ability was not the same as before. Son finished the season with 10 goals and six assists in the league, while Tottenham Hotspur ranked eighth. Tottenham failed to advance to the European match.

The cause of Son’s sluggishness turned out to be a “sports hernia.” In June, the Korea Football Association reported Son’s injury, and he was treated before the opening of the season. After recovering from the injury, Son prepared to take off again, but this time, there was other news. It was rumored that Harry Kane was transferred, who has been a “best friend” since joining Tottenham. The clubs that wanted Kane included Manchester United and Bayern Munich, while Kane eventually chose Munich. 온라인경마

Kane was the “No. 10” who left Son’s side, and soon another No. 10 appeared. James Maddison, who joined Tottenham before Kane’s departure, is the main character. Madison inherited Kane’s No. 10 jersey and played with Son in the attack. Son Heung-min faced many difficulties. He had a good teamwork early in the season with Madison, but he collapsed by holding onto his ankle in a league game against Chelsea in November. Besides Madison, a number of other key players including Mickey van der Ben, Rodrigo Bentancourt, and Christian Romero were injured one after another, and Tottenham was in danger.

Tottenham didn’t collapse easily, however. Some games were defeated helplessly, but others overcame the crisis when needed thanks to the outstanding scoring ability of “captain” Son Heung-min. With 12 goals and five ties in 20 league matches this season, Son is currently ranked second in scoring in the league. The top scorer is Erling Holan, who became the top scorer (36 goals) in the first season of the transfer under the nickname “monster striker.” He has scored 14 goals.

Among the offensive indicators Son has recorded this season, the most surprising parts are “expectation score (xG)” and “big chance miss.” Son recorded an xG value of 7.12 in 20 league matches this season. This means that an average striker should have scored just seven points. However, he scored 12 goals at an xG value of 7.12. Son actually scores five times higher.

And the number of big-chance misses gives Tottenham and Son an impression. Son recorded just three big-chance misses this season. This means that any scoring opportunity leads to a goal. On the other hand, Holan recorded the highest number of big-chance misses in the Premier League, a whopping 17. That’s more than goals. A simple comparison would have shaken the net more if Son had been passed as much as Manchester City.

“According to these statistics, if he had a chance like Holan, his score would have exceeded 24 goals this season,” one fan said, exclaiming, “I’m crazy.” Son’s league scoring will stop for a while. According to the Korea Football Association, he will leave his team for Abu Dhabi on Jan. 2. Son will participate in the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 as the captain of the Korean national team, focusing on his first Asian Cup championship in 64 years.

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