“Hwang Ui-jo’s Privacy Disclosure and Threatening” Sister-in-law, “What I Don’t Know” in the first trial

Hwang’s brother-in-law A’s lawyer claimed at the first hearing of the case, “We generally deny the accusation, and the defendant was not directly involved in it,” at the first hearing of the case, which was held at the Seoul Central District Court’s 31st Criminal Agreement Department (Chief Judge Lee Joong-min).

When the court asked, “Does it mean that Mr. A is not involved in the prosecution and knows nothing about it?” the lawyer answered, “Yes.” When asked by the court whether the claim to the effect of not knowing anything at all was true, Mr. A also said, “Yes.”

The lawyer also requested a closed trial, saying, “It is a case that includes quite a lot of matters related to the privacy of the accused or victim.”

In response, the court said, “We do not intend to proceed with the entire trial behind closed doors,” adding, “If you express your opinion in advance on special needs such as evidence investigation, you can consider non-disclosure.”

The lawyer of the female victim, who also appeared in Hwang’s private life video posted online, also attended the trial. 슬롯사이트 순위

He told the court, asking for opinions on the proceedings, “As the victim cannot see this trial in person, I hope that an open trial will take place as long as it is not information about his or her personal information.”

In addition, he stressed, “The defendant does not confess to the crime, but the victim cannot predict what kind of video will be circulated and cause additional damage.”

A was arrested on the 8th of last month on charges of sharing photos and videos of Hwang and women on social networking services (SNS), claiming that he was Hwang’s ex-lover, and claiming that Hwang had been involved with a number of women and caused damage. He is also accused of threatening Hwang by sending him a message from May last year that he would distribute the filming, saying, “It will be fun if it is released” and “Look forward to it.”

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