“Ryu Hyun-jin-Mets Away”, signed a two-year $28 million contract with FA left-hander Manaea Mets…Rumors of a return to Hanwha are likely to reappear

The future of Ryu, who was mentioned as the most promising candidate for the Mets recently, will become even more uncertain. New York Post columnist John Hayman said on Tuesday (Korea time) that Manaea agreed to a two-year contract with the Mets. The guaranteed amount is 28 million U.S. dollars and he can exercise his opt-out rights this season. Manaea, who will turn 32 this year, is a veteran starting pitcher who has been frequently mentioned in the FA market in connection with the Mets along with Ryu.

The Mets decided to bring in a starter from the FA market after suffering from the struggle for Yoshinobu Yamamoto last month, and the target was Ryu Hyun-jin, Manaea, and Japanese pitcher Shota Imana. Earlier on the 6th, reporter Joel Sherman, the same media outlet, said, “The Mets are continuing to review the trade of the Chicago White Sox Dylan Sheath, and are also monitoring FA Ryu Hyun-jin, Sean Minae and Imana Shota.”

However, Manaea joined the Mets. Ryu is naturally excluded from the Mets’ recruitment list. Hayman said, “With Manaea joining, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander were sent out last summer, and the Mets rotation, which has weakened even more, seems to have strengthened a little.” The Mets previously acquired FA starter Luis Severino for 13 million dollars, adding, “The Mets rotation, which had a lot of right-handedness, will have a balance between left and right.”

As a result, the Mets will have starting pitchers such as Japanese pitchers Senga Godai, Jose Kintana, Severino, Manaea, Adrian Houser, David Peterson, and Tyler Megill. The Mets traded with the Milwaukee Brewers on April 22 to bring in right-handed starting pitcher Houser and outfielder Tyrone Taylor. 실시간 바카라사이트

In response, Heyman said, “The Mets also contacted the two left-handers, Ryu Hyun-jin and Imana Shota. It is highly likely that the Mets will reinforce their starting pitchers, but it is not known whether the two pitchers are still on the Mets’ radar.” In other words, Ryu is highly unlikely to sign with the Mets. In other words, it is difficult for the Mets, who acquired Severino and Manaea, and two FA starters, to offer Ryu, who has the fourth or fifth starting pitchers.

Manaea, who joined the Kansas City Royals with the 34th overall pick in the first round of the 2013 draft, made his major league debut in 2016 after being traded to the Oakland Athletics in July 2015. Manaea, who won 12 consecutive games in 2017 and 2018, became the top starter for the second consecutive year, slowed down by injuries and sluggishness before recovering in 2021 with 11-10 losses and a 3.91 ERA, and was traded to the San Diego Padres in early 2022 to record 8-9 losses and a 4.96 ERA in 30 games.

In addition, he showed his presence in the San Francisco Giants with 7-6 losses and 4.44 ERA. Hayman said, “Manea finished the season with impressive pitching in the Giants rotation at the end of last year. He made four starts and one relief appearance in September, marking 2-1 loss and 2.67 ERA.” As Ryu has fewer options to stay in the Major League, his chances of returning to the KBO could be strengthened again.

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