Ex-striker’s “Fact bombing” “Hishalisson, friend to play in part 4 if not from Brazil. Werner is much better!”

“I thought I was wasting my time watching the game (Tottenham vs. Burnley), so I turned off the TV. I should have watched a new Netflix series. It was terrible,” Agbonlaher said on Tuesday.

Regarding Hishalisson, who played as a one-top Tottenham player on the day, he said, “I couldn’t control the ball, and I didn’t show enough strength to defend the ball. Not only did he not play in conjunction, but he wasn’t fast enough to penetrate the back space of the defense. He also did not have good finishing ability.”

“Honestly, if Hishalisson were not from Brazil, he would be playing in League Two (England Part 4). I don’t even want to evaluate him,” Agbonlaher said. He is playing in the Premier League just because he is from Brazil.

Hishalisson, who moved from Everton to Tottenham in the summer of 2022, has only scored seven goals in 44 league matches so far. He seemed to have rebounded with five goals since December last year, but Tottenham was under fire for their poor performance against Burnley, which won 1-0.

Tottenham is seeking to lease Timo Werner (Leich) to fill the vacancy of Son Heung-min (12 goals) who has the most goals scored in the Qatar Asian Cup and increase his attacking options. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano and others report that the transfer will be decided soon. 파친코

Werner played for Tottenham’s London rival Chelsea from 2020 to 2022. He was ridiculed for missing many big chances in the two seasons. Werner, who scored 23 goals in 89 games including the Cup for Chelsea, returned to Leipzig in 2022. In the Bundesliga this season, he played only eight games and scored only two goals. Werner also had a Tottenham offer at a time when change was needed. Manchester United reportedly gave up their hands earlier.

Locally, Werner’s athletic ability and speed will help Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou’s team. Expectations are also high that Son Heung-min will fill the vacancy as he mainly works as a front-line and left-hand striker. If Werner is recruited, it is inevitable that there will be a considerable blow to Hishalisson’s position.

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