“Agreement With Real Is Unfounded” Mbappe Announces Official Statement…complete denial of the transfer rumor

Mbappe has been interested in Real since 2019. The first discussion on the transfer took place after the end of the 2020-21 season. Mbappe began negotiations with Real as his contract with PSG expired at the time. He had a direct meeting with Real’s president Florentino and many media expected him to move. 메이저 토토사이트

However, things suddenly changed. Mbappe suddenly signed a contract with PSG. PSG caught Mbappe with a huge salary and even French President Emmanuel Macron persuaded him to stay. Mbappe ultimately chose to stay in Paris.

Real was furious at Mbappe’s renewal. Real expressed its displeasure by issuing a statement saying it would not recruit Mbappe. Things have changed again this season. It was revealed that Mbappe’s renewal period was “two plus one year” rather than three years, and he said he would not sign the contract at the end of this season.

PSG decided to exclude Mbappe from the pre-season by requesting him to renew his contract. Afterwards, Mbappe returned to the team, but there was no agreement to renew his contract, and rumors of a move to Real rekindled.

However, Mbappe’s representatives made an official statement on the same day through France’s RMC Sports, completely denying the rumors of a move to Real. Mbappe’s side said, “There was no agreement on Mbappe’s future, so of course there is no discussion about the future. No influence can determine the timing of Mbappe’s decision,” stressing that the report was not true.

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