“Are you really a 1905 billion striker?””Future uncertain” after losing the ball 15 times against the fourth division

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ cited a report by Spanish media ‘Sport’ on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) to mention Felix’s future.

The media outlet said, “Felix is struggling to shake off the criticism that he is an inconsistent player. Xavi prefers Ferran Torres and Hafinha, who have good pressure and application skills.”

“Felix lost the ball 15 times against Barbarstro. Torres was given a chance to kick free of charge.” 토토사이트 추천

Barcelona played against Barcelona in the round of 32 strongest teams of the Copa del Rey on Saturday. As a fourth-division team, Barcelona was expected to win in an easy way. However, the team struggled to win 3-2. It was a poor match.

Felix, who started the match on the day, failed to display his influence throughout the entire game. He only won two aerial ball competitions, but lost the ball 15 times. He has never dribbled or crossed.

Felix has been losing weight in the team recently. In this situation, there are more and more stories about his future as he is sluggish against Barvastro.

Felix, who played for Benfica, moved to Atletico Madrid during the 2019-20 season. At the time, his transfer fee amounted to £114 million (W190.5 billion), the highest ever for Atletico Madrid.

Felix has been evaluated as the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo since his youth days in Benfica, Portugal, and has been given the nickname “the next Ronaldo.” This shows how highly Atletico Madrid rated him.

Nevertheless, the team has never performed as well as expected. In total, the team played 131 matches, with only 34 goals and 18 assists. In the last season, the team lacked more weight. It had only five goals and three assists during the 20 matches. Only seven matches were played as starting members of the La Liga. Due to inconveniences with Diego Simeone, the team failed to secure a chance.

Eventually, he moved to Chelsea in January through the transfer window. After the transfer, he scored four goals in 20 matches. He started 11 of the 16 Premier League matches.

He will leave Atletico Madrid again this season. He still had a hard time getting along with Simeone. He went on a one-year loan to Barcelona, his club of dreams.

However, he lacked performance. He has six goals and three assists in a total of 22 matches this season, with only three goals and two assists in 16 matches in La Liga. He recently lost his starting position. He started in the 18th round of Almeira and La Liga, but was replaced in the second half, and played for only 18 minutes in the match against Las Palmas.

Félix and Barcelona wanted to be together next season as well. However, as his performance is deteriorating, Barcelona is agonizing over his future. “We wanted Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to negotiate during the January transfer window. However, the club will delay negotiations to see if Felix is improving,” Sport said.

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