Hwang Ui-jo, who is suspected of illegal filming, will challenge the PL after the national team? The original team will also be assigned to cancel the lease

“Striker Hwang Ui-jo will return to his former club Nottingham Forest. He has played for Norwich for the past five months on loan,” Norwich City said on its website on the 9th (Korea Standard Time). “He joined Josh Sargent on loan at the end of the summer transfer market.”

Hwang Ui-jo, who joined Norwich at the end of the transfer window, scored three goals and one assist in 18 games. He wore a Nottingham jersey in the Premier League last 2022-2023 season. He immediately left for Olympiacos, Greece, where the same owner is located, but he terminated it early, and spent six months on loan from the beginning of last year in K League 1 FC Seoul. 무료 슬롯

Hwang returned to Nottingham ahead of this season and played in pre-season friendly matches. However, there was no room for Hwang to play in Nottingham again this time. Finally, Hwang decided to lease Norwich in the English second division with the opening of the season just around the corner.

He originally signed a one-year loan agreement. Hwang was planning to play for Norwich until the end of the 2023-2024 season. He displayed impressive performance. In the early days of the transfer, he did not receive many opportunities as a substitute, but gradually jumped to the starting lineup and scored a goal.

The reason is that Sargent is highly likely to return due to injury. He scored a splendid goal in the 12th minute of the first half in a match against Watford in late November last year, but was replaced soon after the goal due to pain in his hamstring. He sat out for nearly a month, and returned to the mound through a match against Huddersfield on April 24.

Hwang played three more matches afterwards, and was selected as the starting pitcher for the second consecutive game. However, he was again hampered by a hamstring injury. According to the British newspaper The Pink Un, Hwang had a hamstring problem during training and needs to recover for about six weeks.

In fact, Norwich manager David Wagner also explained that Hwang Ui-jo felt something wrong with his hamstring after the match against Bristol Rovers in the third round of the FA Cup on the 7th. Here, as Sargent returned and took the main position again, Hwang Ui-jo’s position was virtually narrowed.

As a result, Norwich ended their lease and returned to their original team six months after their transfer. His Norwich life ended much faster than expected. If this continues, it can only be called a crisis that could blow the entire rest of the season.

Not only is it difficult for Hwang to secure a place to play at Nottingham, but it is also difficult to find a new loan transfer as he is injured. For Hwang, this is a negative factor that has been dealt with following the exclusion of the Korean national soccer team. Due to the actions taken by the Korea Football Association in November last year, he was banned from selecting the national team until he was completely cleared of illegal filming.

The incident began in June when A, who introduced himself as Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, released a video of Hwang Ui-jo and the victim’s sexual relationship with the victim. Since then, Hwang Ui-jo claimed that he was also a threatened victim, saying that the video was leaked through a lost cell phone in Greece.

However, the repercussions grew as Hwang Ui-jo was investigated by the police as a suspect in illegal sex shooting. On top of that, A, who revealed his private life, was even found to be his own brother who supported Hwang Ui-jo for a long time. The police, who are investigating, reportedly asked Hwang Ui-jo to attend, but he has not yet appeared due to the club’s circumstances.

In the first trial held under such circumstances, Hwang Ui-jo did not attend, and his brother-in-law A reportedly denied all charges surrounding him. As a result, the situation is serious as there is no sign of a resolution in the Hwang Ui-jo crisis.

Hwang Ui-jo, who has virtually been pushed out of the national team due to personal privacy problems and unfavorable factors for injury, is in a situation where he will be pushed out of Norwich and Nottingham. Attention is focusing on how his PL challenge, which has virtually refused to attend due to club circumstances, will end.

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