Defendant alleges “person assassination” of DraftKings in preliminary injunction case

Michael Hermalin spent three-and-a-half years at the company, serving as senior vice president of its business development and growth division at DraftKings. Hermalin then left for Fanatics in February 2024 and joined the company as VIP chairman and director of its Los Angeles office.

DraftKings has since accused Hermalin of stealing company secrets and soliciting clients and former colleagues. 토토

In early February, following a preliminary injunction application from DraftKings, a federal judge issued a temporary order barring Hermalyn from using trade secrets as well as recruiting customers or employees in her new role.

However, Massachusetts District Judge Julia Kovick rejected DraftKings’ request to completely ban Hermelin from working for Panatics.

In response, Hermalin claims DraftKings is mostly restricting its work with Panatics, while claiming the company has a history of “aggressively damaging” the reputations of employees who have left.

Since Panatix launched its online sportsbook in 2021, 186 former DraftKings employees have applied to move to competing sports betting businesses, according to filings filed by the defendant. In response, Hermalin believes her former employer is trying to intimidate current employees to deny Panatix legal recruitment.

“Rather than developing credible evidence, DraftKings is free to distort reality and rely on unnecessary personality assassinations of its entire staff,” the filing reads.

“They are fabrications designed to defame and destroy senior staff who worked boldly to find better opportunities.”

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