K-League 1 Jeonbuk, Lowest Place Without a Win

K-League 1 Jeonbuk, ‘lowest place without a win in the opening five games’, parted ways with coach Petrescu

An early decision was made as even luxury members continued to perform poorly… “A successor will be appointed as soon as possible.”

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has been sagging its pride as a prestigious team by failing to win a single game in five games since the opening of the 2024 season professional soccer K-League 1, has parted ways with coach Dan Petrescu (56, Romania).

The Jeonbuk Club announced on the 6th, “Coach Petrescu voluntarily resigned.” 카지노사이트

Jeonbuk explained, “Coach Petrescu fully realized responsibility for the team’s poor performance and expressed his intention to step down from leadership for the better development of Jeonbuk, and the club decided to respect the coach’s wishes.”

Coach Petrescu, who took office as the 7th head coach of Jeonbuk in June of last year, left before completing one year.

Jeonbuk, which parted ways with coach Kim Sang-sik in May due to poor performance in the early part of last season, attempted to rebound by appointing coach Petrescu, who has experience working in Romania, Russia, China, and the Middle East, but Jeonbuk ranked 4th in K-League 1 and was ranked ‘irrelevant’.

Season’ was spent.

Ahead of this season, it was expected that a large number of proven resources, such as Thiago, Hernández, Kim Tae-hwan, Kwon Chang-hoon, and Lee Young-jae, would be recruited in the transfer market to form a ‘two-strength structure’ with defending champion Ulsan HD, but they are in last place with 3 draws and 2 losses through the 5th round.

It is only at the top (3 points).

Only about a month had passed since the season began, but it was the only ‘draw’ in K-League 1 and 2, and the performance did not live up to its reputation, which eventually led to the decision to replace the manager.

Domestic coaches, including coach Park Won-jae, will lead Jeonbuk until the home game against Gangwon FC a day later on the 7th and until a successor is appointed.

Jeonbuk Club said, “We will appoint a successor as soon as possible in order for the team to rebound and meet the expectations of fans.”

Coach Petrescu said through the club, “It was a happy time to be able to work with the best players and fans in the best team in Asia,” and “Jeonbuk Hyundai is a team that needs to go to a higher place.

I am sorry for not meeting the expectations of the fans.” He said hello.

He added, “I am grateful for the always passionate support.

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