Two paths in front of the Hishalisson…Surviving the main competition vs. moving to Saudi Arabia as if being kicked out

Hishalisson, who was crowned EPL’s standard striker during the Watford and Everton seasons, wore Tottenham’s uniform for 60 million pounds (about 10.7 billion won) in the summer of 2022. Tottenham was the second highest transfer fee ever paid by the club.

Contrary to expectations, Hishalisson showed his worst performance last season. He failed to ease the burden concentrated on Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, and fell into a swamp of slump. Last season, Hishalisson only scored one goal in 27 league matches.

Hishalisson had groin surgery in November last year. After returning from injury, Hishalisson is displaying performance that has improved. Hishalisson, who had only one goal in the league until November, scored a whopping five goals in December. Hishalisson has seven goals and three assists in 19 matches this season. 파칭코

It has certainly improved compared to last season, but Hishalisson still has a long way to go. The disadvantage of often missing crucial opportunities has not been completely improved. The impact of the game needs to be greater than now.

Hishalisson now faces new challenges. Tottenham recently brought in new striker Timo Werner on loan. Werner is a central striker in his main position but also has the resources to play the sides. He is a direct competitor to Hishalisson.

In November last year, the U.K.’s Telegraph reported that Hishalisson has been on the list of players to be recruited by the Saudi Arabian professional league. He has shown signs of rebound and increased the possibility of staying with Tottenham, but it is important from now on. If Hishalisson wants to survive, he has to gain the upper hand in the competition with Werner. Otherwise, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that Tottenham will sell him to Saudi Arabia in the summer.

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