Its Go Woo-seok, Pitched from the Bullpen for the 1st Time in MLB

Go Woo-seok, Who Pitched from the Bullpen for the First Time in MLB, said, “It was Nice that Everyone Welcomed me”

Go Woo-seok, a right-handed fastball relief pitcher who finished pitching in the bullpen in the MLB San Diego Padres uniform just two days after arriving in the U.S., said he is adapting smoothly to his new team.

The San Diego team began pitcher and catcher training at the spring camp facility set up at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona, USA, on the 11th local time (12th Korean time).

Go Woo-seok warmed up with a catch ball and immediately threw the ball out of the bullpen.

Chan-ho Park, the ‘Korean Express’ who helped Go Woo-seok advance to the big league as an advisor to the San Diego club, watched Go Woo-seok’s bullpen pitching and cheered on his junior who had just taken his first step toward the big league. 카지노사이트위키

In a short interview with APTN, a broadcaster affiliated with the Associated Press, on the 12th, Go Woo-seok said, “It’s only been two days since I came to the United States, so I’m experiencing a bit of jet lag, but I got enough sleep.

I pitched out of the bullpen for the first time, and my condition will only get better in the future.” He said.

He added, “I was a little nervous because everything was new, including the people and the environment,” but added, “I was the first to greet them, others greeted me first, and everyone (people in the club) was really kind to me.

It was nice to receive such a warm welcome.”

Go Woo-seok mentioned the two-game regular league game against the Los Angeles Dodgers that will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 20th and 21st of next month and said, “This is the first major league game to be held in Korea, so we need to pitch more competitively (in exhibition games) to be able to play in that game.”

“It gives me motivation,” he said. predicted that all-purpose infielders Kim Ha-seong and Ko Woo-seok will be on the opening day roster.

Go Woo-seok is likely to start the season as a set-up man rather than a finisher.

Go Woo-seok signed a 2+1 year contract with San Diego for up to $9.4 million.

He is guaranteed $4 million for two years, and depending on his performance, if the club exercises the option, he will sign a one-year extension for $3 million for the third year.

The plus option based on performance is $2.4 million, and if the club does not exercise the option two years later, Go Woo-seok will receive a buyout amount of $500,000 in the form of farewell and become a free agent.

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