‘People hate’ FW’s brother for missing national team

“Look, without my brother, England’s performance is…”

Are they the favorites? After being touted as the No. 1 team to win Euro 2024, the Three Lions are having a rough go of it.

The Three Lions narrowly defeated Serbia 1-0 in their Euro 2024 Group C opener. In the second round, they were held to a 1-1 draw by Denmark. Criticism of the England squad is mounting. They”ve been called the strongest squad ever assembled, but the reality is different. They”re nowhere near the favorites.

After the game against Denmark, Southgate said: “It wasn’t the performance we wanted. We didn’t have enough possession of the ball. We have to accept that if we do that, it will be as difficult as it is now. There are other levels we need to find. We played against a very defensive team and we struggled under their pressure. We have to do better in the next game. Our lack of ball possession was also a problem.”

One player’s family was all smiles as England struggled. Marcus Rashford’s agent is his brother, Dane Rashford.

Manchester United’s Rashford was dropped from the England national team this season after a controversial fall in form. He didn’t even make the reserve list. After scoring a career-high 30 goals last season, Rashford has dropped to eight goals this season. He was blamed for United’s poor form. He was also criticized for two nightclub drinking controversies. He became a national pariah.

Rashford has been a regular in the England national team since 2016. He has scored 17 goals in 60 caps. In particular, Rashford was a favorite of Gareth 카지노 Southgate. Southgate guaranteed Rashford a starting spot and developed him into the national team’s leading striker. However, even Southgate turned his back on Rashford.

Rashford’s poor performances and Southgate’s emphasis on discipline and rules have been blamed for his departure. “It was a difficult decision,” Southgate said. Other players have had better seasons,” Southgate said, explaining his decision to leave Rashford out.

As England struggled, Dane sent a nuanced message that his brother should have been picked. “Rashford’s younger brother Dane is furious that England ignored his older brother,” said Tribal Football, a European professional soccer website. Rashford was left out of the Euro 2024 squad. Dane was unhappy as he watched England draw 1-1 with Denmark. On his social media, Dane posted that Rashford could have done better than the other England players,” the report said.

“It’s hard to sit and watch England play when you genuinely believe your players can make a difference,” Dane said.

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