‘Nerve-wracking’ 90 minutes, Grillish raises the temperature in a battle of wills

The second leg of the Coupang Play Series between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid was a 90-minute game that felt like the real thing, with Jack Grealish (City) raising the temperature on the pitch.

At around 8:40pm on the 30th, the Manchester City-Atletico Madrid match of the Coupang Play Series took place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul. The result was 2-1, with Atletico Madrid defeating Manchester City. Atletico Madrid scored back-to-back goals from Memphis Depay in the 21st minute of the second half and Yannick Carrasco in the 29th minute to overcome Manchester City’s one-goal comeback from Jubeng Dias in the 40th minute.

It was just as Josep Guardiola and Diego Simeone had predicted. It was a pre-season friendly, but with the start of the 2023-2024 season just around the corner, both City and Atletico Madrid players gave it their all. It was a fiercely contested match, with both teams playing their hearts out for the entire 90 minutes. It was almost like an official match.

The heat was turned up by Grealish (City), who had a nerve-wracking battle with Cesar Aspilicueta in the first half and Rodrigo de Paul in the second.

Gralish, who plays left wing for City, and Aspilicueta, who plays right wing-back for Atletico, frequently clashed on the pitch, and with both players having fiery personalities, it was a nerve-wracking encounter. Aspilicueta was shown a yellow card in the 14th minute of the first half for an arm grab to stop an onrushing Grillish. In the process, the two players exchanged stinging glances.

It didn’t stop there. Just 10 minutes later, Aspilicueta made a quick run down the right flank, and sparks flew once again. Grealish got involved in the defense, won 먹튀검증 the ball, and switched to attack, only to have Aspilicueta grab his arm and start a nerve-wracking battle once again.

Once the atmosphere on the pitch was heated, it didn’t cool down easily. Early in the second half, a scuffle broke out between Grealish and Rodrigo de Paul. It was a rare sight in a friendly. It was reminiscent of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals when the two teams met two years and three months earlier.

City and Atletico played their hearts out for 90 minutes, and fans were able to enjoy the full 90 minutes thanks to players from both teams who gave it their all and forgot that it was a friendly.

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