Cup Winner only 4 Times GS Caltex’s Command Tower Generously said, “If only There was a Coach Award…”

Professional volleyball women’s GS Caltex head coach Cha Sang-hyun got her fourth cup championship ring in her hands

GS Caltex won the set score 3 to 1 (26-28, 25-23, 25-13, 25-20) and rose to the top.

Yoo Seo-yeon and Kang So-hui led the attack with a combined effort of 43 points.

 Yoo Seo-yeon scored 22 points, the most in the team, with an attack success rate of 41.

18%, and Kang So-hui played an active role with 21 points and an attack success rate of 47.62%.

 In addition, Kwon Min-ji (15 points) and Oh Se-yeon (10 points) also supported each other by succeeding in blocking four times.

Winning the cup this time was very meaningful as we had a disappointing result in the regular league last season.카지노사이트랭크

 GS Caltex, which failed to advance to the postseason with 16 wins, 20 losses and 48 points,

made many changes ahead of the new season, such as replacing foreign players and appointing a new captain.

Coach Cha confessed after the game,

“I won the championship last year, but I think there were a lot of problems during the season.

I thought a lot of changes were needed.

 However, “Thanks to each other’s concessions and efforts, good results came out.

The players followed well and showed their unique stickiness,” he said with a hearty smile.

In the group stage, IBK Industrial Bank suffered a shutout defeat, but the winner of the final was GS Caltex. 

Coach Cha laughed, saying, “I lost to Industrial Bank of Korea in the preliminary match, but I think it was an advantage.

I got a vaccination and prepared well from the next game, so I got good results.”

Coach Cha has a deep relationship with the KOVO Cup.

 Taking the baton in the middle of the 2016 season, he stepped on the final stage a total of 6 times, except for 2019.

 Among them, in 2017, 2020, and 2022, he lifted the championship cup a total of four times until this year.

What does the KOVO Cup mean to Coach Cha? 

He laughed when he said, “Only players receive awards, but I jokingly said that it would be nice to have a coach award.

 He continued, “It is a process to digest the season well.

I experienced failure last season, but I am doing my best in every game, so I will be able to do better in the new season.”

He did not hold back his praise for the players who won the championship.

 Coach Cha said, “The players made concessions and put in a lot of effort to make changes.

As a result, they came out good and I’m satisfied.”

In particular, he was delighted to receive the Rising Star Award from setter Kim Ji-won.

 Director Cha said, “I’m sorry for (MVP) So-hui (Kang),

but I personally liked (Kim) Ji-won’s award better.”

The loser IBK Industrial Bank manager Kim Ho-cheol applauded the players who did their best.

 He said, “It’s a tough off-season, but I’m really grateful that everyone persevered and worked hard,” he said.

Regarding the harvest from this tournament, he said with a smile, “I’ve been training hard during the off-season, and I can feel that the players have improved.

 He added, “I also thought that the team should be more well-rounded.”

Now we have to start preparing for the new season again.

 Coach Kim needs to do a lot of training to connect the second ball.

 He explained, “I think the task is to match the breath of the setters and strikers,” and explained, “Two foreign players will join, and (Kim) Hee-jin will also have to return.

If (Hwang) Min-gyeong comes in, I think I will be able to afford it.”

Finally, he sent a message of congratulations to coach Cha, who won the championship.

After joking, “I wish I could win,” he said, “I want to say congratulations to director Cha Sang-hyun.”

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