Drone strike retaliation intensifies as missiles return fire.

In the pitch-black night, a maritime drone speeds out of nowhere and darts toward a ship with its lights on.

A tanker carrying fuel for Russian forces in the Kerch Strait near Crimea has been attacked by a Ukrainian maritime drone.

It comes a day after a Russian warship was attacked at the Novorossiysk naval base, Russia’s main Black Sea export port.

Ukraine justified it as a “completely legitimate operation taking place in Ukrainian territorial waters.”

It also declared six of Russia’s Black Sea ports to be in a war-risk zone.

Yesterday, the Chongar bridge between Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast and Russia’s Crimea was bombed, and the Donetsk University in the Russian-controlled region was hit by a cluster bomb.

Drone strikes against the center of Moscow have also resumed.

The analysis is that Ukraine aims to sway Russian public opinion by shifting the center of the war toward Russia.

Russia has fiercely pushed back.

It said the strikes were aimed at killing unarmed civilians and upped the ante, saying the only thing the depraved humans can understand is brutality and force.

Hypersonic missiles, the Kinzhal, and cruise missiles, the Kalibr, were used to attack various parts of mainland Ukraine.

Civilian facilities, including blood transfusion centers, were not spared.

As the retaliatory war for control of the war zone continues, 카지노사이트킴 the civilian casualties in both countries are bound to increase.

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