Italy’s online GGR falls as interest in sports betting weakens

As the latest news from Italy’s gambling industry’s financial sector shows, the overall GGR is heavily affected by online and land-based betting verticals, and a report provided by Ficom Leisure suggests that June and July differ in gambling returns due to financial results in some sectors. 파칭코

During June 2021, Italy’s gambling business generated 263 million euros, compared with 27 million euros in July. The decline in the GGR was most affected by sports betting verticals, which were not in high demand in July. As for both the online and retail markets, its revenue fell to 97 million euros in July from 215 million euros in June. If digital betting on sports is considered separately, its income has decreased from 113 million euros to 63 million euros. But while casino news is more promising, the vertical has also fallen to 128 million euros from 134 million the previous month.

The casino market still holds the largest revenue share, with a revenue share of over 62%. Sports betting is second in this ranking with 30.5%. Bingo, poker cash games and tournaments account for the smallest percentage of online gaming revenue.

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