Bingo outside the gambling industry

Interestingly, what is considered part of the gambling industry today was popular social games. Bingo has existed long enough to become a global entertainment stock. 온라인경마

  1. Since bingo is widely popular everywhere, it is played by people from different origins and rakes with huge amounts of money. This creates a great way for churches and charities to raise funds and provide entertainment to their communities that also serve as social entertainment. Even the above mentioned Edwin S. Lowe was approached by a local Catholic priest who suggested using bingo for fundraising. By 1934, the number of people who regularly play bingo in the church had already reached 10,000.

Charity bingo is also interesting from a legal point of view: gambling is prohibited in some countries, but bingo is often allowed if it is organized by non-profit organizations. In this situation, bingo can even be played by people under the age of 18 and managed without any special certificates. However, philanthropy is subject to strict rules. For example, the British Gambling Commission sets the maximum prize money and players can charge the maximum amount per day.

  1. The Germans first used bingo in school settings: the game became a great tool for training memory and mathematical skills. This made studying fun and attractive, maintaining students’ level of attention and resulting in better grades.
  2. Bingo is commonly used by nurses and nursing home staff as a tool for recreational treatment and socialization. The game is easy to organize and loved by older people who were born and raised at a time when bingo’s popularity was at its peak.

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