Some of Mallorca’s biggest fans have been arrested by police for racist comments against Vinicius Junior.

Spanish media Marca reported on the 2nd that “Spanish police arrested six Majorca fans with banners about Vinicius and Chairman Javier Tebas.” Racism against Real Madrid striker Vinicius continues to be a controversial issue in La Liga this season. 온라인카지노

In January, four Atletico fans were shocked when they hung the neck of a doll wearing a Vinicius uniform on a leg near a Real training ground, and Vinicius had a war of words with Valencia home fans who called him “monkeys” in a match between Real and Valencia on May 22. Recently, it was also reported that the face of Vinicius Foster installed at Santiago Bernabeu, Real’s home stadium, was damaged.

The fans were immediately arrested by the police and are about to be punished, but in the midst of this, some fans’ shocking racist acts against Vinicius continued Marca posted a banner outside Mallorca’s home stadium that included the phrase “Vinicius Rubbish, your skin has no cure” and serious content such as “Devil League, Tebas must die.” In response, the police identified the fans and arrested them,” he said, adding that he had arrested all six fans who committed the act.

The fans did not use banners containing racism in the match against Real. The banner was reportedly set up ahead of the match between Valencia and Mallorca, which apparently meant to further mock Vinicius, who was abused at the stadium against Valencia. Meanwhile, Mallorca fans’ actions are all the more shocking because the club includes not only black players but also Asian player Lee Kang-in.

In addition to Vinicius, there have been many controversial cases in the European league due to racism against Asian players. In the case of Son Heung-min, away fans committed racist acts in a home game against Crystal Palace on May 6, and clubs and the Premier League have warned of severe disciplinary action. While La Liga is still hot due to the Vinicius racism case, it is not expected to be easy to solve the problem unless some fans improve their awareness.

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