Danish regulators’ suggestion of addiction

It would be interesting to know the facts about a typical Danish punter before falling into the consequences of addiction. Thus, 76% of online casino accounts belong to men, while 42% are under the age of 35. If marketers want to attract punters to new digital casino products, this is a clear target area. 경마사이트

There is a very similar situation in the betting sector. Of all the bets in Denmark, 81% are made up of men, with male teenagers (under 36) accounting for 55% of all sportsbook enthusiasts. The distribution of women among different age groups was quite smooth without any noticeable stains.

Considering the results of previous surveys, it is not surprising that young men were more active in asking for help. The help hotline for punters has been available in Denmark since January 2019, with 1185 calls registered. Interestingly, the number of conscious gambling addicts was 57%, 39% of the calls were from relatives, and the remaining 4% were reported by experts.

The recollection of the previous subtopic is clear enough – 48% of the called putters started their activities under the age of 18, while the other 38% started their activities between the ages of 19 and 25. Experts link that dependence to greater instability in young people about the risk of gambling addiction.

If you look at more detailed statistics related to currencies, you’ll see other interesting figures. Thus, about 86% of all self-sensing phone calls come from men, while 67% of all calls come from women. This goes hand in hand with figures relating to calls on behalf of addicts: 29% were mothers (almost twice as active as fathers – 16%), 22% were partners, and the rest were children, brothers and friends. The average call lasted 25 minutes, with nearly half (47%) coming on Monday and Tuesday.

An interesting argument stems from a comparison between gender spending and game participation. Therefore, women save almost twice as much and spend only 1010 euros on average, while men spend about 2,150 euros a month. However, the average game time is 21 hours a week for men, while women are ready to spend about 28 hours a week.

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