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On the afternoon of the 16th, the joining ceremony for SSG Landers was held at the Songdo Park Hotel in Orakai, Incheon.

CEO Min Kyung-sam, head coach Kim Won-hyung, and captain Han Yoo-seom, the representative of the team, attended the joining ceremony to celebrate Kim Kwang-hyun’s joining. It was followed by a uniform dressing ceremony, a commemorative bouquet of flowers, a commemorative photo shoot, and a press conference. 온라인카지노

Kim Kwang-hyun has been in the Major League for the past two years and has been in contact with SSG players. Choo Shin-soo also introduced in an interview with Kim Kwang-hyun after the 2021 season, saying, “I only saw laughter when I asked him to play with me.”

Regarding the team’s atmosphere that returned after two years, Kim Kwang-hyun said, “The players seem to have changed a lot from two years ago. I’m going to work at 6 o’clock in Ganghwado Island, and I’m last. “Some players have already finished exercising,” he continued, “SSG invested a lot.” “I think this situation has come because you made me want to exercise,” he said.

Kim Kwang-hyun once signed a contract with SSG and asked his affiliate, “Does Starbucks offer discounts?” He posed naturally while drinking coffee, saying, “I also got a 30% employee discount on the coffee I’m drinking now.”

Kim Kwang-hyun said, “SSG fans cheered a lot, and thanks to fans, I went to the U.S. I think I really had an unforgettable big experience. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. I wonder how I can return that love. I will try my best to return the contract for 4 years. The same goes for me, the front desk, and the players. The players have one goal. I’ll lead the team to win. “I want to do the winning interview again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kim Kwang-hyun pitched as a relief pitcher in an exhibition game against LG at SSG Lands Field in Incheon on the 23rd and threw 27 pitches in two innings, recording two hits, one home run, one walk, four strikeouts, and one run.

It was the first comeback match in 890 days since the home game against Kiwoom on October 14, 2019, the last appearance in the KBO League during the SK Wyverns.

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