New Casino Establishment In New York

Despite being widely promoted and described as grand and impressive, New York State’s future casinos will probably be preceded by a “slot in the box.” For the time being, restaurants, luxury hotels, and entertainment facilities are not included in the immediate action of investors.

Over the past few months, communities have been repeatedly informed of the benefits of the expansion of New York’s gambling market. We reviewed a total of 16 proposals and selected the most prominent investors. 파칭코사이트인포

But officials on Long Island expect local players to be caught up in the creation of an electronic slot machine shop. They are also known as “slots in boxes” and according to market analysts, they will bring huge returns. They will be located in Suffolk and Nassau.

By the end of 2015, Nassau is looking to open a gambling house. It will include electronic slot machines, baccarat, and roulette games. Local officials have recently taken the first step in funding the hall. The net revenue that Slot Hall will bring is equivalent to $150 million.

When it comes to gambling problems in Suffolk, local officials plan to set up slot shops with more than 1,000 machines, restaurants and entertainment facilities. It will be located where Medford’s former cinema was.

The new owners acquired the land two months ago and chose Delaware North as their business partner.

Philip Nolan, chairman of OTB, said they were rushing to start building procedures as soon as possible.

The upcoming Wednesday is the day local gambling regulators are due to announce four investors chosen to build casinos in New York State. The projects are considered much more important than slot stores, but they are unlikely to be used by players anytime soon.

Companies that have been approved to start the project must be scrutinized by the state gaming board. In addition, they have to go through additional inspection procedures. The new locations are expected to open in 2017.

In fact, New York’s gambling industry has not developed as much as many people believe. Although there are nine racetracks and five tribal casinos, local authorities have agreed to expand the gambling sector with the aim of helping the economy.

In addition to the establishment of an impressive casino resort, the legislature allows the establishment of slot shops on Long Island.

Although the idea of slot stores is not particularly appealing to all New York officials, investors are confident that the ventures will be successful and profitable.

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