Russian Game Week 2020 Exhibition

The annual event brings together the best manufacturers, distributors and operators from various countries. Exhibitors include software, payment systems and online service developers, law firms, and affiliate programs. The latest solutions and products for the gambling industry will be introduced in the Expo area to more than 3000 customers.

Conference and two panel discussions
The event will hold a two-day conference to present topics on the gambling sector, and details on the gambling sector can be found on the latest news on gambling.

The speakers will talk about experts in the field and their experiences in promoting legislative features and gambling companies. 온라인경마

The first day will highlight the issue of legislative regulation on gambling businesses, totes, land taxation and customer attraction for online casinos. The panel discussion will explain how ‘regulatory Gilotin’ will improve its business in 2020.

On the second day of the conference, experts will discuss trends and prospects in the online gambling industry, how to work with large traffic sources, and optimizing online platforms for traffic arbitrage, in addition to explaining national players’ profiles for examples in Asia, CIS and Europe. The panel discussion will address traffic arbitrage in 2021.

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