10 Home Run’ Park Byeong-ho a Pity that Get a Long Hit.

KT Park Byeong-ho injured his left calf during the Suwon-Hanhwa match on the 9th

and prepares for the match as a pinch hitter instead of a starter. 

Park Byeong-ho

who met with reporters ahead of the resignation Lotte match on the 27th


The condition is improving. 

He said

The team is doing well

so I’m not in a hurry and I’m building my body step by step.

He continued

The team’s performance is good and (Oh) Yoon Seok-i is doing very well

so there is no reason to be impatient. 

I am so happy to see juniors like Yoon Seok-i and 지울프-토토 (Moon) Sang-cheol working very hard but not having the opportunity to show their abilities

doing well.

 He is cheering hard as a senior

he added.

Back-up members are unfamiliar to Park Byung-ho. 

It was awkward at first

he said. 

He wondered how he should prepare

but now he prepares by moving a lot from the first episode.

 I am doing image training on what to do when I step into the plate.

Park Byung-ho’s trademark is a home run.

 Park Byeong-ho

who hit 35 home runs last year

has only 10 home runs this season. In response

he said

I want to do well this season

but it is true that it is regrettable that there are not many (home runs).

 It’s not that I don’t have a desire for long hits.

 He said

If my ability to produce long hits is lost

my strengths will disappear

so I will overcome and overcome.”

Kim Sang-soo

who played for Samsung until last year after making his professional debut in 2009

obtained FA qualification and moved to KT.

Park Byeong-ho was pleased with the effect of Kim Sang-soo recruitment. 

The reason is that it has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the team as well as his skills.

He is also a skill

but he is a very positive player. 

Even when the team’s performance was very poor at the beginning of the season, it must have been a lot of pressure as a free agent player

so thank you so much for working hard.

 It must be difficult playing shortstop (a position that consumes a lot of stamina)

but I am so grateful that I do not show it

and I take good care of my juniors and have a positive influence on the entire team. 

Kim Sang-soo played a big role in our team’s rebound”. 

Byungho Park said:

Park Byeong-ho continued

I was with (Kim Sang-soo) in the national team

but I didn’t know he was such a positive player. 

He must have made a big decision to move to KT

but he is so grateful that he has shown a good figure from the team’s difficult time at the beginning of the season until now

he added.

As a veteran

he is in a position where he has to look at the entire squad. 

Park Byeong-ho said


if you win

fatigue is relieved quickly

and if you lose

it is more difficult.

 He felt that at some point the players got used to winning and the coordination between the coaching staff and the squad improved. 

Injured players are coming back to reinforce the team. 

It seems that everyone has a positive energy.

When asked about his goals for this season

Park Byung-ho said

I haven’t achieved any of the goals I set before the season.

 As of now

the priority is to recover from the injury as soon as possible and enter the starting member.

My goal is to advance to the fall stage with the highest ranking possible.

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