Extension Defeat Toronto Coach Going to be a Small Game

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider looked back on the disappointing loss.

Schneider said in an interview after losing the home game 7-10 to the Cleveland Guardians held at the Rogers Center in Toronto


Canada on the 28th (Korean time)

I couldn’t do small things like bunts as planned. 

He looked back on the game that day


I couldn’t take advantage of the second half of the game.

On this day

Toronto lost 7-10 after a bloody battle with Cleveland in the 11th inning.

It was regrettable that he gave up 4 points in the 11th inning

but it was more regrettable that he had not been able to take advantage of the opportunities in the 9th and 10th innings before that.

The most regrettable scene was the failed bunt of Cavan Vizio

who blew a chance to second base safely in the 9th inning. 

Schneider said 고스톱사이트

I should have put the bunt toward third base, not first base. 

Calhoun (the opposing first baseman) played really well.

 He is not even a professional first baseman.

Regarding Santiago Espinal being knocked out while hitting in the 3-0 count

he said

I believe it was a good ball to hit

and said he respected the player’s judgment.

 He admitted that there were also his own mistakes in the defeat that day


There were many cases where the judgments I made did not lead to good results.

Regarding Meiza, the left-handed team who allowed a comeback without catching a single out in the 8th inning

It was a pity that the lead batter walked. 

He was a matchup of lefties and lefties. 

The run double was a ball that narrowly passed over the base. 

I don’t see anything different than usual.


it just didn’t go the way he wanted.

Regarding Davis Schneider

who played an active role with home runs and doubles

He showed the same performance against right-handers.

 He controlled the strike zone and dealt damage to opponents. 

I enjoy watching him do it.

He also brought news of the wounded. 

Regarding Eric Swanson

who was on the injured list before the game

Everyone is playing with patience. 

Athletes want to keep running. 


we cannot harm the players. 

Go carefully. 

It would be good if it was only for a minimum period of time

he said.

Regarding Bo Bisset

who was out due to a right quadriceps injury during the game

It was a little bad that way

but he played with endurance. 

He wanted to be careful. 

He wasn’t hurt

it was a decision made for protection. 

He has to see the condition every day.

Regarding Matt Chapman

who was out due to a finger injury

I have been holding back and swinging.

 I’m going to have an MRI scan today

he explained.

With the defeat

Toronto widened the gap with the Houston Astros

third in the wild card, by 2.5 games. 

If you can’t overturn this gap

you can’t go to the postseason.

There is no doubt that the players are alert. 

Today’s defeat was a hard one

where the game was decided in small things. 

We have to regroup and move forward. 

Every game is important.

 It sucks to be a bit short today

but the players are holding up and fighting hard. 

We have to keep fighting

he said

expressing his determination for the rest of the season.

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