Anyang KGC, which had won two consecutive games in the opening, sought three consecutive games in the opening

Ulsan Mobis took the lead in the first quarter. With the team trailing 18-20, Kim Young-hyun and Knox made a turnaround with three-point shots, and Kim Hyun-min scored a shot just before the end to finish the first quarter 26-22. In the second quarter, KGC took the lead again with 50-45 with Park Ji-hoon’s successful shot and Byun Joon-hyung’s three-point shot. 온라인카지노

In the third quarter, if Park Ji-hoon’s consecutive seven points and Moon Sung-gon’s outer shot were added, the KGC ran further. Park Ji-hoon, who exploded in the attack, was also active in defense.

Park Ji-hoon clashed with Kim Hyun-min several times during defense. Park Ji-hoon fouled to prevent Kim Hyun-min’s chance in the fourth quarter. Kim Hyun-min got a little excited. Park Ji-hoon approached Kim Hyun-min, who is seven years older, and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.”

Kim Hyun-min also took part in the game, saying he was okay with Park Ji-hoon’s apology. In the fourth quarter, Moon Sung-gon and Byun Joon-hyung scored three consecutive points, and KGC won 93-84.

After giving a high five of victory, KGC Park Ji-hoon approached Kim Hyun-min leaving the court and apologized once again for the foul scene, and Kim Hyun-min also stroked Park Ji-hoon’s head and left the stadium.

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