Coach Klinsmann, who said he believes in it, said Lee Kang-in’s early joining of AG is “NO.”

Jurgen Klinsmann’s position on Lee Kang-in was firm. Lee Kang-in is expected to have a tough September schedule. Director Klinsmann conducted a video interview with domestic reporters on the 17th. In the interview, questions were exchanged about the recent controversial “work from home and travel” and Lee Kang-in’s plan to be transferred in September. Soccer fans’ attention was gathered at once as coach Klinsmann opened his mouth about the controversy.

First of all, regarding “work from home,” coach Klinsmann said, “There is an exaggeration to make a “decision” because you do not live in Korea,” and explained, “The schedules in foreign countries from July to August were planned before taking the helm.” “After finishing the A match in Europe in September, the time to stay in Korea will increase at the end of the year to convene a domestic team. The way you communicate with the players is different from 20 to 30 years. “You can go to the stadium and meet them, but you can check and observe them in different ways,” he added.

In response to some claims, “Do I have to stand out from coaches Cha Du-ri and Michael Kim to be included in the national team?” Klinsmann said, “I also watched college league and high school games in addition to the K League. “We are continuously checking how many players we will put in the pool and what kind of players we will have,” he said, adding, “It is difficult to put many players on the national team’s preliminary list.” I’m constantly thinking about who’ “I want to say that I’m watching a lot of games and observing them,” he stressed. 바카라

Klinsmann, who took the helm of the national team in March, has only stayed in Korea for about 70 days in the past five months. In particular, the soccer community sarcastically criticized him as a “influencer” for attending various events overseas and appearing on various TV shows. Klinsmann explained that the schedule was set before he was appointed to the national team. In the second half of the year, fans are paying keen attention to whether he will have more time to live in Korea as he professed.

He drew a clear line on the transfer of Lee Kang-in, the biggest topic among soccer fans. First of all, coach Klinsmann said, “There is no problem” about “the selection of players named in both the AG national team and the A national team like Lee Kang-in,” and added, “There is no problem because the A match call-up period and the AG period are different.” “After playing the A match, I will join the AG and play the tournament,” he explained. In particular, regarding Lee Kang-in, he said, “He hopes to come to the A match to boost his performance and show good performance in the AG.” “I hope Lee Kang-in and Hwang Sun-hong will perform well.” “We will bring the players to the AG national team without any problems,” he promised. In other words, Lee Kang-in has to play a “strong march” to join the AG national team after returning to France after playing a schedule with Wales on September 8 and Saudi Arabia on September 13.

When the Hangzhou AG national team list was announced last month, Hwang Sun-hong explained, “It is undecided whether Lee Kang-in will be transferred, but the situation is positive.” Hwang Sun-hong was concerned about the lack of training time for the call-up, but it was unclear whether Lee Kang-in would be transferred. On top of that, Lee Sang-min’s drunk driving history was re-examined and eventually suffered a double whammy of being excluded from the national team.

Lee Kang-in’s participation in the AG is not completely clouded. However, in the end, Lee Kang-in is likely to participate in the tournament without properly coordinating his hands and feet in Hwang Sun-hong’s team. Initially, coach Hwang Sun-hong said he plans to use the A match period in September to convene players and proceed with training before leaving for China. However, not only Lee Kang-in but also players belonging to the A national team are excluded.

Asked by reporters that “the call-up period is not a problem, but the training time is not enough for the AG national team,” Klinsmann said, “I think these players should join us and play because they are A national team players during the A match.” There is an important match against Saudi Arabia. “I think it’s good for these players to show good performance and join AG and do well,” he expressed his opinion. At the same time, he said, “I understand coach Hwang Sun-hong’s hardships,” but added, “It was too new about why AG is important, military issues, and military service benefits. “I’m continuing to study, and I understand that it’s a more important competition than I thought,” he explained.

Even if Lee Kang-in is eager to join the AG himself, it seems difficult to break coach Klinsmann’s thoughts. Regarding the assumption that “If Lee Kang-in doesn’t go to the A national team and conveys his intention to focus on the AG, will he listen?” he also drew the line, saying, “If you get a call, he will say, ‘You are also an AG representative, but you are a A national team player.” “It would be best to get energy from the A national team with good performance and do well at the same time. Lee Kang-in also expressed his opinion, saying, “It will take 30 minutes (to adapt) to his personality and character.”

Hwang Sun-hong will start the Hangzhou AG stage with a match against Kuwait on September 19. However, Lee Kang-in is expected to have a rough flight to France → Britain → France → China in the previous week. As Klinsmann claims, Lee Kang-in may adapt quickly, but it is unclear whether he will be able to maintain his normal condition. In the end, he has to work with Hwang Sun-hong’s players in the finals. This is why Lee Kang-in is expected to have a difficult September.

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