Head coach Judin Ngheem Haiphong said, “Incheon is a strong team, on the border between Gersault and Hernandez.”

Haiphong FC (Vietnam) will play Incheon United in the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) playoffs (PO) on the 22nd. Coach Judin Ngheem, who held an official press conference the day before the match (21st), said, “It seems to be a difficult game. I know Incheon is a strong team. “It is also an opportunity to learn from a team that plays high-level soccer here and for us to leap to a higher level,” he said. 토토

Haiphong, who won a PO ticket by beating the Hong Kong Rangers 4-1 in the ACL preliminary round on the 15th, stepped on Korean soil early today. “It was a difficult flight schedule,” coach Judin Ngheem said. Many players did not sleep well. “But we will do our best to show our will in tomorrow’s game,” he said.

“Incheon is a stronger team than the Hong Kong Rangers,” he said. It’s hard to play the same as then. Of course, you have to press it, but depending on the situation of the game, you may play,” he said, signaling a change in play from the preliminary round, citing Gersault and Hernandez as players to be wary of.

Captain Nguyen Hai Hui said, “I knew that Incheon was a strong team. I want to do my best to show our ability. It is an opportunity to evaluate yourself against a strong team. “I will do my best,” he said. Haiphong belongs to Tzuong, who played in Incheon in the past. Tzuong is the first Vietnamese player in the K-League. In 2016, he played in four games on loan for one season. After that, he was loaned to Gangwon in 2017 and played two more games.

Coach Judin Ngheem said, “Tzuong is a new player for us. I know I played in Incheon, but it was a long time ago. We mainly talked about the living aspects. “In terms of soccer, I heard that tactics are systematic,” he said. Finally, coach Juddin Ngheem said, “It is an honor to participate in the ACL. The Vietnamese league is not as professional and systematic as Korea. So I hope I can experience a lot in ACL and get it,” he said.

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