Ahn Geun-young prepared to start in the same group as Kim Ji-soo and Hanjin-sun at 7:20 a.m. in the first round of the ‘McCall and Mona Park Open with SBS Golf held at Birch Hill Golf Club in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do on the 1st. Ahn Geun-young, who was on the tee box with her caddie, received a gift from a KLPGA official. It is a return gift prepared by Park Min-ji, the winner of the previous competition.

The gifts vary depending on the players’ tastes, such as rice cakes, bread, macaroons, and sandwiches that players can simply eat as snacks during the game. Ahn Geun-young, who received Park Min-ji’s return mini pound cake, smiled broadly as she returned to her caddie. While delivering it to the caddie, he smiled broadly. There was no particular reason. In the return gift, there was a greeting along with a picture of Park Min-ji.

Ahn Geun-young, who is loved for her 174cm tall height and excellent fashion sense, joined the KLPGA in 2009 and has been interacting with fans through tours, broadcasts and SNS until now. From 2022, he newly joined SBS golf lesson program ‘Lesson Factory’ as a sprout wrestler. Meanwhile, Lim Jin-hee shot a 3-under 69 with five birdies and two bogeys in the final third round. He won the championship with a total of 11-under 205. 토토

Since the BC Card-Hankyung Ladies Cup in June 2021, it has achieved two career wins in a year and a month. Im Jin-hee said, “I’m really happy to win the lead from the first round to the final round. I was worried and nervous, but the play went well as I thought. It is my strength to continue to grow. Driver distance was a weakness, but now the distance has increased enough to make it into the top 15 average drive distance. The play went as I thought in the first half of the first round. From then on, I got on the good flow. “I gained confidence, so I was able to play the rest of the game with faith in my play,” he said. Lim Jin-hee is aiming for her second win of the season at the “Daebo Housedy” Open in Seowon Valley from the 8th.

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