‘The strongest 3×3 player in the world’ Master Wook swept the Open and League divisions again

Master Wook won both the open and men’s leagues, making the Jecheon tournament their own stage.

Master Wook won 21-19 in the men’s final of the Korea League at the 5th Jecheon Tour 2023 against Hansol Remicon at a special court in front of the Jecheon Sports Complex on the 10th. Master Wook, who lost 17-21 to Hansol Remicon in the preliminary round the previous day, succeeded in avenging himself by winning the final revenge match.

It was an all-time great game that could not be seen an inch ahead until the end of the game. Master Wook tied Yoon Sung-soo and Kim Jong-nyeon’s performances to take the lead, but later allowed Hansol Remicon, which had Park Rae-hoon and Kim Dong-woo’s double guns, to turn the tables.

However, it was Master Wook who had a strong endurance. It was Jung Sung-jo, who had been quiet throughout the game that dominated the last minute of the game. Jung Sung-jo was Master Wook, who scored four consecutive points and succeeded in reversing 19-18 by tying free throws and two-point shots, but soon allowed Kim Dong-woo to score under the basket, so the direction of the game is still chaotic. With two points left until the shutdown, no one was ahead and 59 seconds left before the end, Jung Sung-jo scored a footback and even hit a jumper to end the game with a 20-19 lead.

Another good news came before the game. Master Wook, who competed in the men’s open division of the Korea Tour, won the championship by beating the sweatshirt X Unnam Gymnasium. As a result, Master Wook enjoyed the joy of achieving the opening division and the Korea League together in four months following the second Inje tournament held in May.

Jung Sung-jo, who was selected as the MVP by dominating the match in the league final, also expressed double joy. Jung Sung-jo said, “This year alone, we have already won the championship together with the open team for the second time. My joy doubled,” he said with a smile.

Looking back on the desperate final match, he said, “It was a really fun game just watching from the perspective of the third party (laughs). In fact, we play a lot of tight games from the semifinals, so (Yoon) Sung-soo is also in a situation where his feet are not falling. “I didn’t play my role in the beginning, but I was able to revive my performance thanks to (Lee) Dong-yoon’s brother and continued to raise my energy level,” he said.

Master Wook, who has already won his second Korea Tour title this year and has become a strong player representing Korea’s 3×3, will compete in the FIBA 3×3 Hongcheon Challenger in October. Master Wook participated in two international 스포츠토토 competitions this year and achieved the feat of advancing to the Challenger quarterfinals for the first time in Korea.

Jung Sung-jo, who is about to participate in the third international competition, said, “In fact, there is a burden that is not burdensome. As it is held in Korea, I have high expectations and I think there are many advantages that can be enjoyed as a home team. Just as we showed our own style to the world teams in Malaysia, we want to show our own 3×3 basketball in Hongcheon Challenger, he said. “The team members are taking care of their bodies really hard for Hongcheon Challenger. “I want to achieve more than one win unconditionally,” he said.

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