UEFA “doubles the number of 100-minute games” because 90-minute stamina won’t cut it

The number of matches in European professional soccer leagues that lasted more than 100 minutes to complete the first and second halves has more than doubled since last season, according to a survey .According to the dpa news agency on Thursday, UEFA analyzed the opening and second round matches of the season in Europe’s top 20 leagues and found that 43 percent of matches lasted more than 100 minutes .This is more than double the percentage of games lasting more than 100 minutes in the same period last season, when only 20 percent of games lasted longer than 100 minutes. According to the UEFA report, 139 matches lasted longer than 100 minutes in the opening two rounds .The average match lasted 100.2 minutes, up nearly three minutes from last season’s 97.7 minutes. The Turkish league was the only one of Europe’s top 20 leagues to average more than 100 minutes last season. The English Premier League (EPL) averaged 98.5 minutes per game last season. In the playoff (PO) stage of UEFA club competitions, the average extra time was 10 minutes in the Champions League (UCL), 9 minutes and 12 seconds in the Europa League, and 10 minutes and 8 seconds in the Europa Conference .Referees around the world have followed suit, with FIFA advising leagues around the world to accurately calculate stoppages of play for goal celebrations, substitutions, injuries, etc. and include them in extra time. “The reaction of the teams at the last World Cup in Qatar and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand to compensate for wasted time (with extra time) was very positive,” said FIFA Referees Committee Chairman Pierluigi Collina, “and I would like to commend the referees, including UEFA, for following the recommendations of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).”However, UEFA has stated that it will not follow FIFA’s ’10 minutes of extra time’ guidelines in the Champions League. This is because the UCL’s average match length of 60 minutes and 7 seconds is around five minutes longer than the average for national leagues. Zvonimir Boban, UEFA’s competition commissioner, said last month that “the policy (of extra time) is absolutely absurd” 스포츠토토존 and argued that too much extra time has a negative impact on players’ health.

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