“Five tools? I’ll go to seven tools.” 130m Big Arch, Legend’s praise for his second-year junior batter…”Lee Jong-beom’s Second Coming” is getting closer

The ball created by KIA Tigers Kim Do-young was thrilled. In the top of the fourth inning, when the team was leading 3-0, he kicked a 146km fastball that entered the high course outside in a 1B1S match against Doosan Bears starter Kwak Bin. The ball, which drew a big parabola, is a two-run shot that crosses the outfield fence on the left side of Jamsil Stadium and is inserted into the top of the stands. The distance is 125.4m in the analysis table requested by the home team Doosan. The KIA cheering seat on the third base side is a frenzy. 토토사이트

Legends who watched the game also lavished praise. Commentator Lee Soon-chul said, “I think he came in on purpose because he was hit by a ball of a similar course in the previous at-bat,” adding, “He hit a fast ball that came to the height of his chest.” “It’s great to make it with a home run,” he said. Commentator Kim Tae-hyung also said, “It was perfect weight movement and timing. “I passed the moment I got hit,” he commented.

Legendary Lee, who was a member of the Tigers and also won the Rookie of the Year award, continued to praise. He praised Kim Do-young, saying, “A player in his second year of high school shows all the power and techniques of hitting,” adding, “I call Kim Do-young the closest player to the fifth tool, and I will go to the seventh tool now.”

5 Tool Player, a modifier commonly attached to a versatile beast. It refers to a player who has all of contact skills, long-range hitting power, base running, defense, and throwing. In addition to his foresight and defense range, Lee added the nickname “seven-tool player.”

Kim Do-young joined KIA as the first pick of the 2022 rookie draft. When he joined KIA, who was considered a “high school batter,” various praise such as “genius batter,” “Lee Jong-beom’s second coming,” and “five-tool player” followed. However, last year, Kim Do-young had a batting average of .237 (53 hits in 224 at-bats), three home runs and 19 RBIs in 103 games in the regular season, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage). After joining the opening entry, he was honored as the Tigers franchise’s first leadoff in the opening game, but he spent the rest of the season as a pinch hitter after suffering severe ups and downs in April with a batting average of only around 10%.

Kim Doyoung is in his second year. Concerns were high over him, who had been away for more than two months due to a fracture in his left mid-foot bone in the opening two games. However, Kim Do-young has maintained a batting average of .300 since joining the first division. Hits (62), home runs (4), RBIs (27) and stolen bases (15) have all already exceeded last year’s figures.

Kim Do-young prepared for this year by focusing on strengthening his physical strength during the off-season. He also found a sense of psychological stability. He has changed since the spring camp. The bat, which had been going out without much effort, began to be concise, and it gained a lot of strength. The number of strikeouts, which reached 62 while selecting 22 walks last year, has decreased by nearly half this year (22 walks and 38 strikeouts), and the pioneer has also improved significantly. Accompanying veteran Na Sung-beom, who played the rehabilitation period with Kim Do-young after being injured before the opening, also helped Kim Do-young find psychological stability and confidence. The fact that he continued to accompany the first division while playing a backup role last year is also a factor that adds stability this season.

Kim Do-young, who did not shrink from the sluggish debut season and achieved great growth. Confidence has also grown further, continuing to develop despite the variables of injury and producing results. After Lee Jong-beom, the Tigers’ desire to become another genius hitter is becoming a reality.

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