“Win rate.419.” There’s no team that’s this scary last place. There’s no easy one to do…Red pepper powder of fear, ranking fight variable

In three consecutive games last weekend, the top teams were caught up in a series of lower teams, drawing attention. No. 1 LG lost the losing series with two losses after one win over No. 10 Hanwha, while No. 2 KT lost all three consecutive games to No. 9 Kiwoom and gave up a sweep.

Hanwha is on the verge of finishing 10th place for the fourth consecutive year, but it is definitely more competitive than the previous three years. This year’s winning rate is 41.9 percent (44 wins, 61 losses, and 6 draws), which is noticeably higher than in 2020 (.326), 2021 (.371), and 2022 (.324). Although Hanwha is behind by one game, Kiwoom (.421), ranked ninth in terms of winning rate by playing 13 more games, is also recording more than 42%. 스포츠토토

Until last year, only Lotte (.434) in 1983, Lotte (.434) in 1989, OB (.413) in 1991, Lotte (.410) in 1998, Lotte (.457) in 2001, Lotte (.410), KIA (.408) in 2007, Hanwha (40.8) in 2012, and NC (40.6) in 2018.

This year, Hanwha is 11.5 games behind fifth-ranked NC, and the fall baseball is out of the water, but the winning rate is 419, the fourth highest among the last-place teams ever. It was followed by Lotte in 2001 in the 2000s. Lotte, which finished eighth that year, recorded the highest winning rate (.457) of the last-place team with 59 wins, 70 losses, and 4 draws, only two games apart from Hanwha, which ranked fourth.

There has been only one winning rate of 40% in the last 10 years since 2013 when the power polarization became a 9-10 team system. However, with the overall power level this year, the winning rate of the last-place team has risen a lot, and the ranking fight has become more exciting.

Teams that give up the season at this time of year come out one by one to be the target of victory for the top teams, but the atmosphere is different this year. Kiwoom, which has virtually entered the tanking due to the injuries of Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin, has a reason to be last, but Hanwha wants to avoid the last place for the fourth consecutive year and Samsung, ranked eighth, also wants to avoid the last place for the first time.

As Samsung, Kiwoom, and Hanwha, ranked 8th to 10th, are attached within two games of riding, the fight for the last place is expected to be fierce until the end. Even mid- to upper-middle teams, which are in a hurry to play every game due to autumn baseball from first to fifth place, cannot relax their tension just because they are lower teams.

This week, Hanwha, ranked 10th, will play three consecutive home games against SSG, which is also in danger of third place due to its fourth consecutive loss. Kiwoom, ranked ninth, will go down to Changwon to face NC, ranked fifth. Samsung, ranked eighth, will meet Lotte, ranked seventh, in Ulsan, where the hope of autumn baseball is alive. Attention is focusing on whether it will be able to spray chili powder on ranking competitors who are busy on their way.

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