The “Autumn Invitation” is given out by heaven?”Fifth place” brought down by bad luck, “First place” saved by rain

The KIA Tigers lost 6-8 at home against the Doosan Bears at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 15th. The bullpen’s turbulence in the second half of the game was a “decisive hit,” but the impact of “bad luck” could not be ignored. 바카라사이트

Strangely, the game didn’t work out. KIA’s starter Yoon Young-chul hit Jung Soo-bin with two outs in the top of the second inning when they were losing 0-1. Yoon Young-chul, who faced follow-up hitter Kim Jae-ho, checked first base in 1B-2S. Just in time, Jung Soo-bin started stealing second base, and the check seemed to return to a great success.

However, as a result, Yoon Young-chul’s check became “invalid.” Nothing happened. As soon as Yoon Young-chul checked, Kim Jae-ho asked for time. The referee accepted it. It was a close call, but the referee’s time declaration was quick. In the end, he was able to finish the inning by sending out Kim Jae-ho with a walk and catching Yang Seok-hwan with a ground ball.

The absurd out count also went up. At the bottom of the second inning, KIA’s leadoff hitter Choi Hyung-woo got on base with a double, and Kim Sun-bin’s grounder made it to third base with one out.

Lee Woo-sung made a hit in front of third baseman Huh Kyung-min. Huh Kyung-min’s throw to first base missed, and the third baseman stepped home.

Lee Woo-sung sought an additional base from first base to second base. As soon as I turned the first base, I collided with the first base. An accident that happened without seeing each other properly. According to the rules, a collision with a referee cannot be recognized as an act of obstruction. Lee Woo-sung and the first base umpire fell on the ground. In the meantime, Doosan tagged Lee Woo-sung and the out count went up. The situation has become a situation where there is no runner with two outs from the chance of one out and second base. The exhausted KIA finished the bottom of the second inning as even the follow-up batter failed to hit a hit.

He even allowed a real record. Kang Seung-ho, who hit a home run, triple, and double after a walk, sent the ball straight to the pitcher in the top of the ninth inning with one out and runners on first base. The ball headed straight to Jung Hae-young and fell sideways with a big splash. Kang Seung-ho landed at first base. He became the 30th cycling hit hero in KBO League history. At the same time, the first “reverse cycling hit” in the KBO league was born in the order of “home run, triple, double, and hit.”

For KIA, the performance was too bad to just blame “unlucky.” However, if luck had followed in the early stages, KIA could have definitely gained momentum. As such, the more “bad luck” was reflected, the more regrettable it was. In the end, KIA (60 wins, 2 draws, and 55 losses), which was ranked 4th, fell to 5th place, and even disappeared from the 6th place Doosan (62 wins, 1 draw, and 57 losses).

A match between the LG Twins and the Hanwha Eagles at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon. The LG Twins smiled because of the rain.

The weather that rained on and off even before the game. LG scored the first run with Oh Ji-hwan’s hit and Moon Bo-kyung’s timely double in the top of the second inning.

Hanwha’s counterattack was also formidable. Following Choi Jae-hoon’s walk, Williams and Moon Hyun-bin and Kim Tae-yeon turned the game around 3-1.

The situation became a tie as LG recovered two runs in the third inning. At the top of the fifth inning, he took the lead with Austin’s timely hit from runners on first and third base.

a race on thin ice. LG’s ‘finish’ was done by Haneul. It rained hard ahead of the start of the seventh inning. I waited 47 minutes, but the rain didn’t subside and eventually a rain cold game was declared.

For LG, I laughed because of the rain after a long time. In the match against KIA in Gwangju on the 8th of last month, he led 8-0 until the second inning, but he swallowed his disappointment as he was treated as a no-game due to rain.

The disappointment of about a month ago was rewarded at the most necessary moment. Thanks to the rain, LG’s starter Kim Yoon-sik threw five innings and Kim Jin-sung threw only one inning. The game on the 17th is played with a doubleheader. LG will be able to play all-out games for the rest of the game while saving the bullpen.

LG recorded 71 wins (2 draws and 47 losses) of the season, firmly maintaining its lead position 5.5 games ahead of the second-place KT Wiz (67 wins, 3 draws and 54 losses).

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