Redlake Gaming Enters Lithuanian Market Through 7bet

Premium casino content developer Red Lake Gaming partners with Lithuania’s leading online casino platform, 7bet, to distribute a high-end suite of top-performing casino games to the regulated Lithuanian market.

The collaboration gives 7bet access to Red Lake Gaming Studio’s superior top-tier gaming array. Among them are famous titles such as Super 20 Stars, which offers constant excitement through myriad bonus features, Guardians of Luxor, which offers spawning, mini-games, special wheels and free-spin options, or the number one spot on Ireland with a variety of features and a fascinating cascading reel. The games have already captured the hearts of players around the world and are now leading the charts in several regulated European markets. 경마

By continuing to deliver the best performing title, Red Lake Gaming has pursued a regulatory market strategy and deepened its presence in numerous major regulatory markets. Content has become available in more than 16 regulated markets around the world, and the pipeline has expanded further, allowing players to enjoy feature-rich and engaging content in more places than ever before.

Nick Barr, Managing Director, Red Lake Games Malta, commented on the partnership. “We are excited to partner with 7bet, a key player in the Lithuanian market. We’ve seen a big response from players in similar markets and are very confident that Red Lake gaming content will help support the continued growth of 7bet. The Red Lake game continues to strengthen in a regulated environment and we look forward to seeing the Lithuanian market contribute to its continued success.”

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