Even without 1R, LG’s preparation is scary… Lee Ju-hyung, Park Myung-geun, and Shin Min-jae are all ready

The LG Twins have no first round this season. In addition, the turn is 8. There is no immediate sense of power. There are no big players in this turn. Therefore, it is true that expectations have fallen a lot. However, it was not LG to be complacent. LG steadily tried to do what it could in the current situation.

Baek Sung-jin, team leader of LG, and Jeong Seong-joo, deputy head of the team, agreed that Kim Hyun-jong’s choice in the second round was aimed at finding the second Lee Ju-hyung in mind. Kim Hyun-jong was originally a shortstop, but he turned to an outfielder this year. He has good shoulders and quick feet because he is a former infielder. Above all, he noted that it is a valuable right-handed outfielder resource in the team. Currently, LG’s outfielders are all left-handed, including Hong Chang-ki, Moon Sung-joo, Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min. Lee Ju-hyung had no choice but to hide them relatively, and there was also a part that the styles overlapped. The LG scouting team even considered this. The reason is that it is better to have various styles in order to get to the first team as soon as possible. 온라인카지노

“It wasn’t that Lee Seung-min didn’t consider it either. However, Lee Ju-hyung’s departure is also one of the reasons why we selected Kim Hyun-jong. It’s a complete five-tool player. As many fans are disappointed, I will make him a player who goes beyond that,” he said. At that time, team leader Baek Sung-jin and the LG scout team selected Lee Joo-hyung without breathing after finding out the possibility of Lee Ju-hyung who was pushed back to the second round. That’s why Kim Hyun-jong is expected. LG has a clear standard of outfielders, with Hong Chang-ki, Moon Sung-joo, and Lee Ju-hyung being produced in its own farm.

It’s not just the second type. There is also Park Myung-geun. It is Korea University’s Jung Ji-heon in the 6th round. Jung Ji-heon is the pick that the LG scout team picked the best against the turn in this draft. Earlier this season, Jung Ji-heon was a three-generation sidearm leader along with Bibong High School Lee Woo-hyun and Cheongjugo Park Ki-ho. However, it came down somewhat in order due to sluggish performance, such as showing bad performance in the recent regular match against the Solidarity.

However, the LG scout team said, “I thought he was a player who would be much higher than this.” Isn’t that how Park Myung-geun came down last year. I think he is a player who can be used as the second Park Myung-geun. Baek Sung-jin, the team leader, seems to have good luck,” he said with satisfaction.

Kim Dae-won picked the fifth round with the second Shin Min-jae in mind. Deputy Head Chung said, “First of all, this player is a very fast player and an infield resource. It is a resource that can be used as a social list directly in the first team,” he said. In other words, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop asked the club to recruit many fast players, and he was selected from that perspective. Lee is also an infielder and a player who can see second base. Therefore, he is a player selected based on the concept of the second Shin Min-jae.”

In addition, he recruited Son Yong-joon in the third round as a college graduate resource, considering Oh Ji-hwan’s absence in the future. Son Yong-joon is meaningful in that he has already solved military problems with a batting average of more than 400% in the college league. He turned to college based on the fact that high school graduates are weak overall this season, and he is one of the players who is quite satisfied.

It was not easy for LG to have high expectations in this draft. However, it is to review the existing success stories and select players with the same potential as possible. That was the key strategy that the LG Twins took in this rookie draft.

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