Casino Analysis, Tips + Strategies: A Treasure Map of Gonzo

Because the industry is full of new titles, there is enough demand for any designer who can provide quality games to boost the business. There are so many ways to look at roulette at the same time… At some point, fresh material has to enter the game space.

Gonzo’s character, a small, dry conqueror in plate armor, will be familiar to fans of the company’s catalog. He has appeared in many slots as well as many other games. In particular, a live dealer offering called The Treasure Hunt of the Gonzo, which was released in 2021 but didn’t really catch on, is famous. Rather than quit after that overwhelming outing, corporate executives opted for a double down, revamping the concept with improved gameplay and next-level visuals.

It’s just as complicated! There are 70 betting positions (almost twice the number of roulette wheels) across the 7th row x 10th row grid. There are live dealers, 3D rendering gonzo and live chats to communicate with live dealers. There are two ways to win the main game. Dividends that are 10 or 20 times the size of your bet and a bonus round rich enough for the design team to cap it at $500,000!

There are many ways to not only win big, but also a big one! Bonus round multipliers include dividends of 150, 200, or even 500 times, but when Ruby Blocks appear, these numbers (including smaller brothers) all double in size. And when another ruby block appears, it doubles. And so on! The only limit is the top winning size of $50K. 파칭코

However, the downside is that the overall RTP is relatively low, as is often the case with high volatile products. This is equivalent to a very low 95. It all skipped the most impressive element, the visuals. Gonzo’s 3D rendering is very impressive and the design team is fully committed to the “explorer” theme. It’s beautiful to see the possibilities of augmented reality games come to the fore like this.

These visuals contribute to a uniform, high-quality release that is impressive in almost every way, while providing a truly unique game perspective to the market. I can’t say I’m surprised by the quality of this game. In the end, the company has delivered great releases with an out-of-the-box approach before, such as the big hit Funky Time.

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