Online Casino Deceives Players, Motivates Excessive Gambling, Claims Consumer Bonds

Dutch consumer association Conscienten Bond claims that online casino industry leaders are deceiving players and encouraging excessive gambling, and six suppliers have been investigated, mostly by state-owned Toto and Holland casinos.

A huge number of casinos attract gamblers with huge welcome bonuses, which are actually not very welcome. Because as soon as players take the bait, the casino raises the initial deposit. For example, players who make a 50-euro deposit often receive the same amount from casinos to make a bet.

However, these bonuses often come with very bad conditions. One example of this is the custom of casinos blocking deposits as soon as gamblers officially accept the terms of bonuses. Another example is Jack’s case, in which “the balance is released again after the player has paid the deposit in full 20 times.” Furthermore, it is impossible for players to stop earlier even if they want to earn or receive payment. One of the rules is that gamblers who deposit 50 euros can immediately withdraw their balance after depositing 1000 euros.

Specifically, at Holland Casino, the ‘More Information’ button located under Bonus Offer moves the player to a page where cash can be deposited, rather than moving him to the information page, and as soon as he makes the deposit, a hidden conditions page located in the next link to the text below will appear, and if the player clicks the ‘OK’ button, he is considered to have agreed to the above hidden conditions. 온라인카지노

Casinos are not authorized to offer bonuses to players in the middle of the game to prevent excessive gambling, but this rule is not respected at unibet and Holland casinos, as pop-ups appear frequently throughout the game. All this means Holland Casino, Unibet and Toto are “stalking” gamblers with ongoing offers, and they continue to do so even if players specify they are no longer interested in getting offers.

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