Italy’s rising ‘gukppong’…Why are you so serious about the national singing!

Italian players can often be seen “enthusiastically” of the country ahead of the A match match.

It is common to sing the national anthem so that only one can hear it, but Azuri Corps sings along with all their might like a rock star.

On the 15th (Korean time), he also showed a “group singing” in the seventh match of the Euro 2024 qualifying round against Malta in Bari Stadio San Nicola, Italy.

Surprisingly, mascots (escort kids) who entered the stadium with the players also sang the Italian national anthem “Mameli’s hymn” or “Italian brothers” at the top of their voices in front of the players. 온라인경마

The Italian players’ “sincere mode” of singing the national anthem has already been widely known. FIFA even released a collection of videos of Italy’s national singing on YouTube last year.

Italy, which injected “national pong” even before the game, won a 4-0 victory thanks to Giacomo Bonaventura’s first goal in the 22nd minute of the first half, followed by Domenico Berardi’s multi-goal and Davide Fratesi’s (Inter Milan).

Italy, the second-ranked team in the group with three wins, one draw, one loss and 10 points in five matches, maintained a three-point gap with the leading England. It was five goals ahead of third-place Ukraine, which played one more game.

Italy, led by manager Luis Spaletti, Napoli’s Serie A hero last season, will play the eighth game against England at Wembley Stadium in London on the 18th.

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