Tom Horne and Sazka work together to strengthen Czech footprint

Tom Horn Gaming, one of the fastest-growing suppliers of iGaming software solutions, has partnered with Sazka Hry, the largest and oldest lottery company in the Czech Republic. The deal will make the vendor’s content available to Czech players through Sazka’s platform to indicate Tom Horn and Sazka’s intention to further increase their Czech market share.

This contract includes providing a selection of games by the vendor from a versatile portfolio for initial delivery. The game is customized to the Czech market, and the vendor will provide additional offerings based on market sentiment when it comes to the product. Tom Horne knows the nature of the market, but he is confident that the quality of the content at hand will deliver the expected benefits. 온라인카지노

The supplier’s knowledge of the jurisdiction-specific requirements was in February 2022, when Tom Horn Gaming entered the Czech market, and after being actively informed about the needs and preferences of Czech players, the supplier has since provided highly localized content.

Therefore, the delivery package partnered with Sazuka includes games that have proven to be exceptionally popular among local players, such as Flaming Fruit, Fire & Hot, and Hot Blizzard.

Sazuka Hry’s main products are number lottery and reputable operators in lottery and similar games account for about 95% of the local market share, the main lottery products are number lottery and the most famous branded games are Spotka and Eurojackpot.

Sazuka’s product portfolio also includes scratch cards, sports odd bets, and quick turnover games. The most recent addition of Tom Horn gaming products to the portfolio is the maintenance of market leadership and continuation of its strategy to expand into the Czech gambling community.

Sazka’s iGaming Director Jan Horyna advised. “Tom Horn Gaming is a supplier that brings together the deep skills of game development for specific markets, as is the case with the Czech Republic. We believe this is a special partnership and can provide even more entertainment and fantastic gaming content for players.”

CEO Tom Horn Gaming agreed, “We will work as a team to maximize the potential of our two companies’ expertise in the Czech market, driving growth and providing a two-on-one gaming experience.”

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