Dutch regulator warns Dutch casinos against advertising land-based casino websites

The Dutch gambling regulator, Cancellotorite (KSA), has informed Holland Casino, a business that holds a Dutch land-based and online gambling license, to stop advertising its physical location through the iGaming website as it is against the law in the Dutch regulatory market.

In addition, KSA said on December 2nd (Friday), “Holland Casino cannot advertise its actual casino operations through its online gambling site. A survey of retail sales in October 2021 revealed that the store’s online gambling operations may contain advertising or links to its retail stores, a violation of gambling regulations under the laws of the country concerned.

Holland Casino holds two licenses, one of which is a land-based license, an exclusive license that provides retail casino gambling in the Netherlands, which the KSA recognized in a statement.

However, the announcement shows that the operator violated the law with unauthorized advertising despite the permission. 안전놀이터

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