Kim Soo-hyun also talked about behind-the-scenes stories with North Korean athletes and coaches

“(As the possibility of winning) North Korean coach Kim Chun-hee said, “The opportunity has come.” Thanks to you, I focused more. “I like Lim Jung-sim, (a North Korean weightlifting hero), and the North Korean coach calls me ‘Geum-. In the weightlifting event, it is possible to guess that the two Koreas are living without any dignity. 스포츠토토

Kim Soo-hyun said, “North Korean players at this Asian Games are a little wary of South Korean players. However, I call them “sister-sister” since 2014 when I debuted with North Korean players, who are their seniors. If you encounter Lim Jung-sim or Kim Kook-hyang, who did not appear in this competition, at an international competition, I first say, “It’s been a long time.” Then, the sisters also encourage me, “Yes, Su-hyun, you look good.” When I asked the North Korean athletes this time, they said that Jeongsim unni gave birth.” They say, “Thank you” to coach Kim Chun-hee and others, “Congratulations. You must be happy (the players won the prize).” A North Korean male athlete once joked, “Suhyun, marry me.” I heard that the brother is doing well in North Korea now.”

On this day, “My Childhood Dream,” released by singer Turbo in 1995, resonated at the training ground. DJ DOC’s “Dance With DOC” (97) then passed. When asked, “Did your sisters and brothers from the same team choose a song?” Kim Soo-hyun said, “I did it. Singing has been a hobby and a way to relieve stress since I was young, he said. “I enjoy listening to songs in the 1990s because their lyrics are straightforward and have many great songs that make my heart pound.” Just before winning the bronze medal at the Asian Games, I listened to “I Have No Problem” sung by Hwang Gyu-young. It’s a song that came out before I was born,” he giggled.

Kim Soo-hyun is also capable of singing at a high level. He is from the “King” village. Last year, she sang Ailee’s “I’ll Show You” at the Gawangseon Development in Jincheon National Training Center, Chungbuk, winning the top spot in the women’s division. As this fact became known, he showed off his singing skills by receiving love calls from entertainment programs such as “King of Mask Singer” and “I Can See Your Voice.” He said, “I have received music entertainment, but my goal is to participate in a ‘talk show’ hosted by Yoo Jae-seok and Seo Jang-hoon, an athlete’s role model.”

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