Station Casino has chosen the leader of Durango Resort

Station Casino wanted to operate safely when selecting Durango Resort’s board of directors, which led to David Horne being appointed vice president and general manager. With more than 28 years of hospitality industry experience and extensive knowledge of multitasking (dual roles as vice president and deputy director of The Palms, general manager of Palace Station and corporate vice president of Station Casino), David Horne is the ideal choice for the role.

Horn was also involved in pre-opening projects and Durango’s day-to-day processes involving hotel operations, games, marketing and branding, partnerships, recruitment and sales during the resort’s construction.

Another board member was Kai Speth, who was appointed vice president of resort hospitality. His primary duties are overseeing the various operations of the resort, including food and beverage, hotel operations, customer experience, resort amenities, front offices and luxury suites.

He also has extensive experience in hotels and restaurants around the world for 30 years. His previous position was vice president of operations and business performance at Windsor Property Management Group, which was responsible for three luxury hotels and other accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 온라인경마

He has also been appointed to serve in several managerial roles at hospitality facilities in South Korea, Taiwan, Los Angeles, and Baver Creek, Colorado.

Finally, the third board member of Durango Resort will be Daniel Ye, who will be in charge of all cooking businesses, including food and beverage stores and banquet services.

Ye served as corporate chief executive of Catch Hospitality Group for five years, managing the company’s U.S. and Mexican operations, and has extensive experience, including serving as corporate chief chef at Notar Hospitality in New York, as well as executive chef and corporate liaison at Novu Restaurant.

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