Azar, finally retired…”Thank you Lille-Chelsea-Real Madrid! It’s time to stop.”

Azar said on his personal SNS on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “It’s time to stop now. He decided to end his professional career by playing more than 700 games over 16 years. I realized my dream by playing for many teams around the world and kicking the ball with fun. I was lucky to meet good coaches, coaches and team members during my career. Thank you to everyone who had a good time and I will miss you,” he said. 스포츠토토

“I’m grateful to all the clubs I’ve played for. Lille, Chelsea and Real Madrid. On top of that, I would like to express my gratitude to the Belgium national team. Family and friends are especially grateful to those who have stayed close during good and bad times. I would like to thank the fans for following me and encouraging me wherever I run. It’s time for a new experience. I’ll see you in the field soon,” he added.

Eden Hazard was in the spotlight from an early age with an overwhelming performance in Lille. Chelsea expressed interest in the huge potential and Hazard wore a Chelsea uniform. At Chelsea, Hazard reigned as an ace. After overpowering the opponent with his unrivalled dribbling ability, he led the Chelsea attack by creating offensive points. Chelsea alone played in 352 official games, scored 110 goals and 92 assists, and won numerous trophies.

Hazard, who peaked at Chelsea, wanted a new challenge and headed to Real Madrid. The transfer fee was 115 million euros (about 154.3 billion won). As can be seen from the astronomical transfer fee, Real’s expectations for Hazard were high. I thought it would replace Cristiano Ronaldo’s empty spot, who left for Juventus. High expectations have returned to great disappointment.

The injury was a drag. Hazard, who was not easily injured despite tough checks and fouls at Chelsea, continued to fall and was often unable to be used. Real fans voiced criticism as injuries became more frequent and he kept falling out when it was important. Public sentiment was not good enough to be called “glass body” and “the worst eating and running ever.” One of the reasons was that the game was messy even if he played.

Consequently, it was the worst recruitment. For four years, Hazard hasn’t played a single season. He suffered from constant injuries due to his failed physical management, and even when he played in the game, he could not show him at all. Real fans have lost patience. Every coach who came to Real tried to use Hazard, but he was disappointed in any position, and while playing, he suddenly suffered a long-term injury and sighed.

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