Coach Park Hang-seo’s miracle is still ‘ing’…Prospects Vietnamese national team player, “The person who still helps” coaches are also impressed

The miracle that “Vietnam Papa” coach Park Hang-seo (64) sprayed in Vietnam is still ongoing. Hoang Ang Tuan, head coach of Vietnam’s U-18 national team, also expressed his gratitude.

The 2023 Seoul EOU Cup U-18 Youth Competition, which will involve U-18 teams from four countries, South Korea, Ukraine, Morocco and Vietnam, will be held at the main stadium of Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul. Three countries will play one game for each team in a full league manner for a total of three days on the 10th, 12th, and 15th to determine the final winning team. The list includes top prospects born after 2005 in each country.

“It will be a valuable competition for young players,” coach Hoang Ang Tuan said at the EOU Cup Media Day on the 9th. It’s a great opportunity to face teams from different continents. I hope the players and coaches will grow, he said. “Our level is a little lower than other teams, but I want to create an ‘upset’.”

Vietnam, which has emerged as a Southeast Asian soccer powerhouse, has long paid much attention to the development of youth. Coach Philip Trussier, who is currently in charge of Vietnam’s A national team, also led the U-18 and U-19 national teams for two years from 2019. The growth of Vietnamese youth soccer was largely due to coach Park Hang-seo. Coach Park Hang-seo took the helm of Vietnam in September 2017 and led the team for about six years. Not only the A national team, but also the youth soccer, they made efforts to develop Vietnamese soccer overall.

Coach Hoang Ang Tuan said, “Vietnamese soccer has changed a lot since Coach Park Hang-seo came. First, Vietnam competed with Southeast Asian countries before coach Park Hang-seo took office. However, the goal changed after coach Park Hang-seo came. “Now I’m looking at Asia,” he said, “and I’ve achieved many achievements, including numerous wins.” 안전놀이터

Coach Hoang Ang Tuan then said, “In addition to this, coach Park Hang-seo promoted the growth of Vietnamese players. I changed the basics a lot. Through this, many players have grown. The players in this tournament are also players who grew up with the help of coach Park Hang-seo, he explained. “Coach Park Hang-seo is still staying in Vietnam and helping a lot. He is still giving good advice, and this motivates the coaching staff. I’m so grateful,” he added.

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