Lee Woo-jin Is the First Korean High School Student to Join a European League Club

Agent Kim Yeon-kyung, who went to Italy, politely refuses even a small gift

Lee Woo-jin, the first Korean high school student to advance to the European League, is taking a commemorative photo with Kim Yeon-kyung, CEO of Agent IM Sports Consulting, who helped him at Incheon International Airport before leaving for Italy on the 15th.

Lee Woo-jin (18, Gyeongbuk Athletic High School), the first Korean high school student to go straight to the European League.

Lee Woo-jin said in an interview with Yonhap News before boarding a plane to Italy on the 15th, “I’m really grateful to Kim Yeon-kyung. I’ll be a great player and repay you,” he said.

“I’ve never met Kim Yeon-kyung in person, but I’ve always respected her,” he said. “I got a lot of help this time. I think the way to repay is to grow into a player who helps Korean volleyball. “I want to resemble Kim Yeon-kyung, the world’s best player,” he said.

Lee Woo-jin played as an outside heater for the Korean national youth team at the Under-19 World Volleyball Championship in Argentina in August. At that time, Korea ranked third for the first time in 30 years, and Lee Woo-jin was named the “Best 7.”

After watching his game, the Italian agent suggested, “Why don’t you play for the Monza club in the Italian league?” In response, a youth team interpreter helped Lee Woo-jin and an Italian agent by acting as a bridge. However, since interpreters are not sports experts, there was a limit to the role of bridge.

Lee Woo-jin’s parents were at a loss where to seek help. 스포츠토토

Lee Woo-jin’s mother, Lee Mi-ok, recalled Kim Yeon-kyung, who played for a long time in the Turkiye of the top women’s volleyball league, and carefully asked the youth team coach, “Can Kim Yeon-kyung give advice?”

Lee Mi-ok said, “I didn’t expect to give an answer because I knew that Kim Yeon-kyung was active and was busy with her work. “I just asked my coach to ask for advice from Kim Yeon-kyung with the feeling of really catching straws,” he recalled.

Kim Yeon-koung immediately responded. He connected his agent Lim Geun-hyuk, CEO of IM Consulting, to Lee Woo-jin’s parents and provided “practical help” to Lee Woo-jin.

CEO Lim was well-versed in the situation of overseas leagues such as the European League, but it was his first exchange with an Italian agent who had contacted Lee Woo-jin at the time, so he began to identify himself. After identification, he contacted the Italian agent and delivered the conditions they suggested in detail to Lee Woo-jin and his parents.

Lee Mi-ok, who was grateful for the help, tried to compensate even part of the “agent fee.” However, CEO Lim politely declined, saying, “I’m just happy that a promising Korean volleyball player got a chance to play on a new stage.”

Lee Mi-ok said, “To my family, CEO Lim and Kim Yeon-kyung are really benefactors, but they don’t even receive a very small gift,” adding, “I don’t think my son Woo-jin has entered Italy on his own.” I hope Woo-jin will grow into a good player who can repay CEO Lim and Kim Yeon-kyung.”

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